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Chemical pump is a pump can handle corrosive liquid and widely used in chemical plant, petrochemical industry and other industries related to chemical...
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The circulating pump refers to a circulating fluid pump that transports, absorbs, separates, and regenerates the liquid in the device. Its lower head ...
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The clean water pump is used for conveying clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. It is suitable ...
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The clearance gap seal is a simple sealing form by using a small gap between the moving parts. The sealing effect depends on the gap size and pressure...
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Structure of closed-coupled pump1 motor: directly connected to the pump to transmit power, using a long shaft motor.2 Pump shaft: It is coaxial with t...
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Condensate pumps are used in thermal power plants to deliver condensate and other liquids similar to condensate. According to the structure, it can b...
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The coolant pump (also called cooling water pump) is suitable for conveying clear water or physicochemical liquids in high-pressure operation systems,...
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Cooling water pumps can transport a variety of different media from tap water to industrial liquids. The over-flow parts of the cooling pump are made ...
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