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Zoomlian Pump Accomplished The Immensely Difficult Seabed Pipeline Project In Indonesia Only Within 26 Days
20 Aug 2018
Recently, the undersea oil pipeline engineering of Pertamina finished acceptance of the project in the sea area of Batam which is a completed success. The proje...
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Innovation Is The Truth, Zoomlian Enters Iran Market
08 Aug 2018
In recent years, China’s economy has developed steadily, and the pump industry has maintained a high growth rate. Driven by economic globalization, Chinese pump...
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Self Balancing Multistage Pump From Zoomlian's World Cup Trip to Russian
20 Jun 2018
With the whistle of the referee, the World Cup officially started.This is a World Cup without the Chinese team, but it shines with Chinese elements everywhere.B...
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Company News
11 Aug 2023
         Heavy news! After more than half a year of R & D and testing Changsha Zoomlion pump industry according to market research data decided to develop new pr...
28 Jul 2023
        In coal mining and other industries, safety is always the top priority. Recently, Changsha Zoomlion Pump Industry is pleased to be awarded the Coal Safety Certifi...
14 Jul 2023
        In recent years, sudden deaths of workers occur frequently, we should be more vigilant while regretting and how to prevent this situation, Zoomlion Pumps, in orde...
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Industry News
16 Aug 2019
China's largest deep tunnel pump house is expected to be completed by the end of August   Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant is the key project of Wuhan &l...
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09 Jun 2019
In the eyes of some pump and valve business leaders, independent innovation capability is the core and key to enterprise development. Multi-stage pumps are use...
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14 Mar 2019
WWI(water&waste water international) suggests that there are about 131 seawater desalting plants in China and most residential water use contained...
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