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Changsha Zhonglian Pump Industry Launches High Performance MDS850-80*8P Double Suction Self-Balancing Multi-Stage Pumps
11 Aug 2023
         Heavy news! After more than half a year of R & D and testing Changsha Zoomlion pump industry according to market...
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Changsha Zhonglian pump industry multi-stage centrifugal pump again won the coal safety certification and mine safety certification, contributing to the industry's safety power
28 Jul 2023
        In coal mining and other industries, safety is always the top priority. Recently, Changsha Zoomlion Pump Industry is pleas...
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In 2023, Zoomlion Pump carried out the theme education of "Safety First Aid and Employee Health".
14 Jul 2023
        In recent years, sudden deaths of workers occur frequently, we should be more vigilant while regretting and how to prevent...
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Changsha Zoomlion Pumps presents self-developed self-balancing multi-stage pumps in Kazakhstan Mining Equipment Exhibition
03 Jul 2023
      Kazakhstan, one of the five Central Asian countries, is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, is the world's largest landlocked count...
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Zoomlian Pump Commendation and reward Conference: Employees' children achieved good achievements in college entrance examination
10 Oct 2022
Although it is a hot summer, it is fruitful and fragrant. Changsha Zoomlian Pump welcomes the joy of the employees' children entering the university....
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Happy Chinese New Year 2022-From Zoomlian Pump
07 Feb 2022
Zoomlian Pump wishes you a very good and happy Chinese New Year 2022!...
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Zoomlian Pump 2021 product price increase notice
17 Mar 2021
Zoomlian Pump 2021 product price increase notice Due to the recent continuous increase in the price of raw materials for supporting equipment such as...
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Happy International Woman's Day-Zoomlian Pump
09 Mar 2021
Zoomlian Pump gather all female colleagues in the head office to celebrate this special day:International Woman's Day!   ...
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