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Mine drainage is one of the important means to overcome water disasters, which means to remove the underground water and surface water in the process of mine construction and production. Under the condition that the water-filled ore deposits are not completely drained, it is necessary to rely on drainage to create a good working environment for the health and safety of mining work and workers. To ensure the smooth progress of production.

Industry Problems

1.Harm of mine flood
In the construction and production process, the surface water and underground water flow into the mine through various channels. It will give rise to mine flood when the water flow exceeds its normal capacity. Mine flood will not only affect regular production but cause casualties and flooding the whole mine area. The damage will be sever. To ensure the safety of mine production, one should take actions on water prevention and water drainage.

2.Requirements of mine drainage equipment
According to Coal Mine Safety Regulation of China, the equipment shall conform to the following requirements:
2.1 Water Pump
It is necessary to have pump for regular operation, spare application and maintenance. The working pump shall discharge the mine water flow of 24hours’ load including filling water and other water within 20 hours. The capacity of the spare water pump should not be less than 70% of the working one. The total capacity of working and spare pumps should be able to discharge the maximum mine water flow of 24hours’load within 20 hours. The capacity of maintenance pump shall not be less than 25% of the working one. It can reserve some space for pumps in the main pump house under complex hydrogeological condition.
2.2 Water pipes
It is necessary to have the working and spare pipes. The capacity of the working pipe shall cope with the related working pump to discharge the water flow of 24hours’load within 20 hours. The total capacity of the working and spare pipes shall cope with the working and spare pumps to discharge the maximum water flow of 24hours’load within 20 hours.

How To Solve It?

1. The vertical drop difference between the underground and the surface is quite large, and the drainage system requires higher head of the pump. Therefore, multistage pump or high pressure pump will be an indispensable selection.

2. The condition that the solid particles in underground water required high performance in abrasion resistance of the pump. 

3. More importantly, there are inflammable and explosive gas in the well, so the auxiliary motor of the pump must be a special explosion proof motor which will not generate electric spark during operation.

4. Submersible pump, vacuum pump and jet pump also can be used for underground operation.

Zoomlian Pump has more than ten years’ experience in the field of multistage pump. There has been a substantial improvement in aspect of safety, stability and energy saving for mining self-balancing multistage pump which is the company’s patented product.

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