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China's largest deep tunnel pump house completed
16 Aug 2019
China's largest deep tunnel pump house is expected to be completed by the end of August   Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant is the key project o...
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Multistage pump: Intelligentization will be the inevitable development of pump products
09 Jun 2019
In the eyes of some pump and valve business leaders, independent innovation capability is the core and key to enterprise development. Multi-stage pum...
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The market of desalination project worth 15 billion dollars within 5 years in China
14 Mar 2019
WWI(water&waste water international) suggests that there are about 131 seawater desalting plants in China and most residential water use...
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Global Oil Demand will Peak in 2040
17 Jan 2019
    The oil industry will need at least $10 trillion in new investments by 2040 to ensure that there is enough supply to meet the demands of...
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China's Oil Giant Took The Lead And Won The Five Major Oil Fields In The Country
17 Oct 2018
China's Three Barrels Of Oil (Three Barrels Of Oil refers to the three giants that are monopolized in China's oil and gas industry. The assembly of th...
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Mexico Calls For Bids Of Shale Zone For The First Time In September
08 Oct 2018
The Mexican oil and gas management department announced that it will hold a bidding for the development of shale areas in September this year. There a...
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West Line Project Of Sino-Russian Will Be Started To Pipe The Gas In 2019
22 Sep 2018
Sino-Russian natural gas pipeline construction has experienced twists and turns. Sino-Russian natural gas cooperation is moving forward intensively. T...
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