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The market of desalination project worth 15 billion dollars within 5 years in China

14 Mar 2019Email us

WWI(water&waste water international) suggests that there are about 131 seawater desalting plants in China and most residential water use contained the condition of lacking water.

According to the report from SOA, 66.6% of the desalted water have been for industrial use while the rest have been for residential use.

An electric power company in Tianjin, for example, operating a multi-effect distillation plant for hot seawater desalination. The project has been delivered by IDE Technologies based on the engineering, procurement and constructing.

Xinhua news agency reported that Tanzanzhou, the minister of science and technology, said that China will speed up legislation on the use of seawater, expand its utilization rate and address public concerns about desalination.

The cost of desalination is 5 to 8 yuan (0.74-1.18 US dollars)per cubic meter.

The media also claimed that it is urgent to attract attention on sewage treatment in Chinese villages. And the potential value of desalination market will worth 15 billion US dollars the next five years.

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