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With its technical strength, Zoomlian dedicate to National Defense Construction

23 Feb 2019Email us

As rapid development of the national defense technology and policy support from the government, the development of the civil-military is in steady process. The project of the civil and military programs has been gradually increased and military procurement is increasingly opening up to more nimble and innovative private companies. Recently, The test of the 10,000 meter high altitude and low pressure bomb bay of Aviation Industry Corporation of China was successfully completed. The vacuum pump unit and technical support are provided by Zoomlian Pump Co., Ltd. which is another successful case in civil-military project.

It is reported that the test of 10,000 meter high altitude and low pressure requires all accurate data in the simulated real altitude environment. It is extremely high required for all equipment and technical data. There can be no error in operating data for vacuum pump unit which plays an important role in the whole process. It’s an approval for Zoomlian to attend the project, meanwhile, it is a big opportunity for self-improvement.

Zoomlian Pump is a manufacturer focusing on producing self balancing multistage pumps, double suction split case pumps and chemical pumps. As a pioneer in the pump industry, Zoomlian has established a professional team of R&D development, system integration, application research as well as service, and successfully developed a series of pump products which can be widely used in the industries of energy, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, light industry, food, marine, urban construction, ocean development, irrigation and national defense.

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