Zoomlian has using the cutting edge technology, made huge investment to reform the conventional pump products. We are able to develop, design and produce various industrial water pumps.

The company is equipped with high-frequency quenching, multi-functional heat treatment, casting, heat treatment and forging.The processed impellers, shafts, seal rings, guide vanes whose service life is 6 times of the ordinary ones.Professional technology makes the pump usage and maintenance beyond customers' expectations.

Research & Development
To continuously improve the quality and technology of our products, company's 5% annual sales revenue is put into technology research and development.

Zoomlian R&D division has around 80 research staffs with 9 senior engineers and 48 engineers. Research field covers high-end pump research and development, new technological innovation, process design, new material research, BPM, mechatronics, three-dimensional flow simulation, strength analysis and calculation.

The company owns mold shop, foundry shop, and large-scale pump shop. At present, our company's product technology has developed towards the development direction of high temperature, high pressure, high speed, low temperature, high efficiency, high cavitation and wear resistance , and high reliability.

And continue to develop high-end products, new technology innovation, new work development, new material research, process solutions, mechatronics, three-dimensional simulation flow field analysis, strength analysis and calculation.

We carry out a comprehensive inspection of each pump equipment to ensure that the pass rate of product is 100%, reducing the failure rate of product use. Prolong the service life.

ZB always insists that quality is the fundamental principle and attaches great importance to the strict quality requirements. The “Quality Manual” is a guideline that must be followed by all departments and all employees of the company in quality activities. Meanwhile, each production workshop quality inspection station under the company's Quality Management Department monitors the entire process of each production process, enabling operators to strictly follow the process flow and requirements, and records the quality of each process in order to recourse on product quality. Dynamic balance equipment, physics, chemical experiment equipment, non-destructive testing, hydrostatic pressure, quantitative inspection equipment and other professional testing equipment, perfect detection mechanism to ensure that the pass rate of product is 100%.

  • Test Pool Capacity 7000m³
  • Test Accuracy Reaches Class A
  • Product Qualification Rate 100%
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