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The definition of abrasion refers to a component's size (volume) becomes smaller and loses its original designed function. The abrasion of centrifugal pumps including impeller abrasion and seal abrasi...
Suppose the measured value of a quantity is x and its true value is a, then x-a=ε. The error is expressed in the same units as the measured value x and ε is therefore referred to as the absolute erro...
Asynchronous motor, also known as induction motor, is an AC motor that converts electromechanical energy into mechanical energy by the interaction of the air gap rotating magnetic field and the rotor ...
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The function of the boiler deaerator feed water pump is to transport the feed water with a certain temperature in the deaerator water tank to the boiler, remove oxygen and other non-condensable gases ...
Preparatory work before start-up of the feed pump of the deaeration boiler 1. When all installation and maintenance work has been completed, clean up and dry the site, and prepare vibration meters,...
Centrifugal pumps are widely used and widely used. In addition to industrial applications, centrifugal pumps are also widely used in agricultural irrigation, municipal water supply, circulating water ...
Pump Technique
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Technical parameters of md280-43×3 multistage centrifugal pump     Rated flow (m3/h): 280   Rated head (m): 129   Rated efficiency (%): 77   Shaft power (kw): 127.83   Cavitation (m): 4.7   Max...
The pump model D46-50X9 is a single-suction, multi-stage, segmented, centrifugal, and multi-stage pump. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation...
MD85-80X9 mining multi-stage pump   Model: MD85-80X9   Rated flow (m3/h): 85   Rated head (m): 720   Rated efficiency (%): 65   Shaft power (kw): 256.57   Cavitation (m): 4.4   The maximum oute...
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