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The definition of abrasion refers to a component's size (volume) becomes smaller and loses its original designed function. The abrasion of centrifugal pumps including impeller abrasion and seal abrasi...
Suppose the measured value of a quantity is x and its true value is a, then x-a=ε. The error is expressed in the same units as the measured value x and ε is therefore referred to as the absolute erro...
Asynchronous motor, also known as induction motor, is an AC motor that converts electromechanical energy into mechanical energy by the interaction of the air gap rotating magnetic field and the rotor ...
Pump Knowledge
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(1) Check whether the stainless steel pump and pipeline and joint are loose. Turn the stainless steel pump by hand and try whether the stainless steel pump is flexible....
Vertical blowdown pump shaft seal form for power seal can be divided into back blade seal and auxiliary impeller seal two categories....
There are many types of centrifugal pumps for 100-meter head pumps, and users can choose according to specific parameter requirements. ...
Pump Technique
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Basic skills for the maintenance of submerged sewage pump:...
Water pump mechanical seal system ---- pressure control system in the parameters of mechanical seal, pressure, cycle speed, temperature are closely related...
Long shaft deep well pump, literally, many people should be able to understand, is the type of pump that is very thin and long in appearance...
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