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The definition of abrasion refers to a component's size (volume) becomes smaller and loses its original designed function. The abrasion of centrifugal...
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Suppose the measured value of a quantity is x and its true value is a, then x-a=ε. The error is expressed in the same units as the measured value x a...
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Asynchronous motor, also known as induction motor, is an AC motor that converts electromechanical energy into mechanical energy by the interaction of ...
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The axial thrust of the pump is generated when the pump rotating. For the cause of the axial thrust, many scholars have studied it in the past to impr...
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The axial flow pump is a pump that transfers the liquid in the axial direction by the force exerted by the blades of the rotating impeller on the liqu...
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Anit-acid pump is developed on the basis of a pump with acid-resistant materials. Most anti-acid pumps are resistant to acid is mainly because of the ...
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The balance disc is mostly used for the segment type multistage pump(we called it conventional pump), which is mounted on the final stage impeller and...
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The balance ring is a component that balances the axial force of the multistage pump. During the operation of the pump, an axial force acts on the rot...
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