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Feed pump is usually refers to as the boiler feed pump....
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The feeler is made of thin steel sheet and consists of a group of gauge sheets (rulers) of different thickness. It is mainly used to check the gap be...
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Flow field motion is regarded as the motion of liquid as a continuous medium consisting of numerous liquid particles filled with a certain space. The...
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The precision machining process of the centrifugal pump refers to the processing precision of the centrifugal pump and the smoothness of the surface a...
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The flange is the part of the shaft and the shaft that is connected to each other for the connection between the ends of the pipe. It is also used for...
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Flashing is the saturation of a high-pressure, saturated liquid into a relatively low-pressure vessel, which causes the saturated liquid to become a p...
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The oil leakage of small high-speed box-type machinery on site mainly occurs in the dynamic sealing part, that is, the dynamic seal between the shaft ...
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The pump flow rate is the amount (volume or weight) of liquid that the centrifugal pump delivers per unit of time. Volume flow rate (usually used flo...
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