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The oil leakage of small high-speed box-type machinery on site mainly occurs in the dynamic sealing part, that is, the dynamic seal between the shaft ...
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The pump flow rate is the amount (volume or weight) of liquid that the centrifugal pump delivers per unit of time. Volume flow rate (usually used flo...
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Flowmeter is a meter that indicates the measured flow rate and/or the total amount of fluid over a selected time interval. Simply put, it is a meter u...
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Fluid friction is the component of the hydrodynamic force of the object in relation to the direction of motion of the object relative to the motion of...
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The foot valve, also known as the check valve, is a low-pressure flat valve. Its function is to ensure the one-way flow of liquid in the suction pipe,...
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The fire fighting pump is a special pump used to transport liquid fire extinguishing agents such as water or foam solutions, installed in fire engines...
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Frequency converter is also known as the variable-frequency drive (VFD), which is a power control device that controls the AC motor by changing the wo...
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The galvanometer refers to a zero-point meter used to check the presence of a small current or a small voltage in the electromagnetic measurement comp...
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