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Eccentricity refers to describe the shape of a orbit. It can be calculated by divide the distance between focal spots by length of long axis. It is us...
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Efficiency refers to the ratio of useful power to driving power, meanwhile, it has various implications. Efficiency can be classified in many kinds, s...
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The full name of effective power is called the effective power of the engine. It is also called shaft power. Its refers to the net output power from a...
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Definition An elbow is a piece that changes the direction of a pipe. According to the different production methods, it can be divided into heating el...
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A component of an electronic or electrical device or device that serves as the two ends of an input or output current in a conductive medium (solid, g...
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Electric motor is an equipment which can transfer electric energy to mechanical energy. It uses an energized coil (stator windings) to generate a rota...
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The circuit in which current flows is called electric circuit, also called a conductive circuit. According to a certain task, the required devices ar...
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Electronic overload means that the operating current of the electrical equipment exceeds its rated or allowed current. Overload will easily lead to t...
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