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1. From the investigation of the use of concrete pumps, it is found that for many types of concrete pumps...
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The angle control valve has a simple flow path and low resistance, and is generally suitable for forward use (installation). ...
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Discovery of abnormal phenomenon: Abnormal sound, vibration or abnormal signal of monitoring system, etc., there must be a reason. ...
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The clean water centrifugal pump is a rear opening type, and it is not necessary to disassemble the suction and discharge pipelines when disassembling...
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Because the pressure of the gear pump comes from the closed cavity between the gear and the casing, there must be end face clearance and radial cleara...
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When a conductor in a magnetic field passes a current, the conductor will be pushed by the magnetic field. The three directions are perpendicular to e...
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The annular diaphragm pump is first distinguished from the general rotor pump and the reciprocating diaphragm pump by the plane peristaltic rigid supp...
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During the operation of the large vertical centrifugal pump, the vibration is large, the upper and lower bearings are often heated, damaged, and even ...
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