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How can one prevent the occurrence of "backflow" in centrifugal pumps?

04 Jun 2024Email

         "Centrifugal pump cavitation" occurs when the pump stops operating and the liquid in the pipeline system flows back into the pump due to inertia or other factors. This can cause damage to the pump or decrease its performance, as the backflowing liquid may damage internal components or cause the pump to run dry.


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          Centrifugal pumps are designed to transport liquid from low-pressure to high-pressure areas. However, when the pump stops, the liquid may flow back into the pump due to gravity or other external factors, potentially damaging bearings and seals, and making it difficult for the pump to restart or causing it to idle.

          To prevent centrifugal pump cavitation, preventive measures such as installing check valves or backflow prevention devices, optimizing pipeline design, controlling liquid flow rate, and stabilizing liquid temperature should be taken. Specific appropriate measures should be adopted according to the cause of the centrifugal pump cavitation to prevent the liquid from flowing back into the pump. Regular inspection and maintenance of the pipeline system are also crucial for ensuring the normal operation of the pump.

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