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How to choose the matching motor of the pump?

28 May 2024Email

         As a commonly used equipment in industrial production and life, water pumps are widely used in various fields. The operation of the pump cannot be separated from the motor drive, so choosing the right supporting motor is crucial to ensure the normal operation of the pump. The pump manufacturer Changsha Pump factory will introduce in detail how to choose the matching motor of the pump from all aspects for readers' reference.




First, select the type of motor

           According to the different needs of the pump, the common motor types are AC motor and DC motor, horizontal motor and vertical motor. Ac motor is usually used asynchronous motor and synchronous motor, with large power, large torque and other advantages, suitable for most pumps, DC motor has a wide range of speed, simple structure, good starting and braking performance and other characteristics, suitable for some special conditions of the pump. Choose horizontal or vertical motor according to the structure of the pump.


Second, determine the motor power

          The power of the motor is closely related to the flow, head and efficiency of the pump, usually when the feed pump is selected to match the motor, we will use the formula to calculate the shaft power of the pump, if the shaft power is less than 15 KWH, we will use the shaft power multiplied by 1.25 times the power factor to determine the matching prime mover (motor) power; Between 15 and 55 kilowatts, multiplied by 1.15 times; Greater than 55 KWH, multiplied by 1.1 times to determine the motor power. In general, the greater the power, the greater the transmission capacity of the pump, but it is also necessary to pay attention not to choose too much power, so as not to cause problems such as waste of resources and unstable operation. According to the flow and head of the pump, the appropriate power can be determined by the motor power calculation formula.


Three, consider the motor voltage, altitude, protection level

           1. optional pump motor should also consider the appropriate voltage with power matching, and according to the customer site voltage to jointly determine the choice of low voltage motor or high voltage motor, in general, less than 355Kw with low voltage motor, generally 380V, there are a few cases is 660V, and higher than 355Kw with high voltage motor, Domestic general 6kv and 10kv, of course, there are a few cases, the customer site does not have a high-voltage power supply, but the need to support the motor power is greater than 355Kw, at this time to find the motor manufacturer customized, not the scope of this article.

           2. supporting the pump motor should also consider the altitude of the use of the ground, the general elevation is less than 1000 meters when the ordinary motor can be used, and higher than 1000 meters to choose a special high-altitude motor.

           3. in addition, due to the pump site use of a variety of environment, it is necessary to choose the motor protection level according to the site conditions, that is, waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion ability, like the coal mine should choose explosion-proof motor, most of the chemical industry also has clear requirements for anti-corrosion level.

           To sum up, choosing the right pump supporting motor is the key to ensure the normal operation of the pump. Selecting the type of motor, determining the power of the motor, considering the voltage of the motor, altitude, protection level, etc., are factors that need to be considered comprehensively when selecting the motor for the pump. Only by choosing the right motor can we ensure the stable operation of the pump, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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