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   There are many reasons for the vibration of the unit and the pump room building. In summary, there are mainly the following four reasons.    1: El...
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Common leakage phenomenon   A. Periodic leakage   (1) The axial movement of the pump rotor is large, and the interference between the auxiliary seal...
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   Sewage pumps come in many forms: submersible and dry. The most common dry sewage pumps are W-type horizontal sewage pumps and WL-type vertical sewa...
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   1. Carry out the test run according to the test run plan or operating procedures. The pump body should be preheated before the test run. When the p...
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The reasons for the failure of the axial flow pump without water are as follows:    1. The water pump is reversed.    2. the speed of the water pump...
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  The reason why the stainless steel deep well submersible pump cannot be started:    1: There is no power or the switch is not closed;   2: The pow...
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 1. The decrease in the flow rate of the water pump is not the reason for the speed. Because its matching motor is not variable frequency, the frequen...
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  Mud pump is a machine that transports flushing fluid such as mud or water to the borehole during drilling. Mud pump is an important part of drilling...
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