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Corrosion-resistant pumps, as the name suggests, are pumps with corrosion resistance, primarily for the transport of corrosive liquids. It is a widely...
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Definition Coupling refers to a device that connects two shafts or shafts and a rotating member, which rotates together during the transmission of mot...
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The rotational speed that causes the rotor to vibrate strongly, which is a relatively well-developed problem in rotor dynamics. The centroid of each m...
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Curve is a graph showing the relationship between various performance parameters of the centrifugal pump. Including basic performance curve, cavitatio...
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DefinitionThe deep well submersible pump is a water lifting machine that is directly connected to the motor and the water pump. It has the advantages ...
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Definition The diaphragm pump is actually an embolic pump that separates the liquid to be separated from the column and the pump cylinder by means of ...
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Diffusor is the energy transfer device of the centrifugal pump. Its function is to collect the liquid from the impeller, reduce the flow velocity of t...
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Brief IntroductionAs an important form of centrifugal pump, double suction pump has been widely used in engineering because of its high lift and large...
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