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Centrifugal pump Why to pump?

29 Feb 2024Email

          Centrifugal pump is a common and important type of pump, which is widely used. However, in the process of using centrifugal pumps, irrigation pumps are a step that people often ignore. So, why do centrifugal pumps need to pump? In this article, the centrifugal pump manufacturer Hunan Tianhong pump industry will give you a detailed explanation of the reasons and importance of centrifugal pump pump, I believe that after reading this article, you will know the reasons for centrifugal pump pump.



         The centrifugal pump needs to be pumped before starting, mainly for the following reasons:

         First, the irrigation pump can remove the gas in the pipeline to ensure the normal operation of the centrifugal pump. Before the formal operation of the centrifugal pump, there are usually some gases in the pipeline, which have a great impact on the normal operation of the centrifugal pump. If these gases are not removed in time, it will lead to problems such as start-up difficulties, cavitation and vibration of the pump. Through the operation of the pump, these gases can be discharged to ensure the stable operation of the pump.

         Second, to prevent air from entering the pump body: if the centrifugal pump is not pumped when starting, there will be some air left in the pump body, which will be squeezed by the impeller during the operation of the pump body causing additional pressure, reducing the pump head and flow. At the same time, the air in the pump body will also cause cavitation, resulting in noise and vibration, affecting the normal operation of the pump.

         Third, the irrigation pump can also detect the operating state of the pump to ensure its safety and reliability. Through the operation of the irrigation pump, the liquid can be used to fully wash the pump body and pipelines, and the sealing performance, rotation flexibility, and leakage of the pump can be detected. If an abnormal situation is found during the pumping process, it can be adjusted and repaired in time to avoid failures or accidents in the formal work of the pump.

         Fourth, the pump can also detect whether there is water leakage or obstruction in the pipeline system to avoid idling, vibration and other problems caused by the suction of air by the pump.

         Therefore, the irrigation pump is a necessary operation for the normal operation of the centrifugal pump, which can improve the efficiency of the pump, extend the service life of the pump, and avoid safety hazards due to air, overheating, friction and other reasons. Before starting the centrifugal pump, it is necessary to fill the suction pipe of the pump and the pump body with water, and ensure that no air exists in the pipe before the normal operation of the pump, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the Centrifugal pump.

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