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Fault analysis of boiler multi-stage water pump overheating, abnormal speed, insufficient flow

08 Jun 2021Email

In the operation of the boiler multi-stage water pump system, system failures can be prevented by maintenance methods. At the same time, after system failures, boiler equipment failures need to be analyzed and eliminated. The main failures often occur in the shelter system and speed regulation. In the system, lubricating oil system, and auxiliary motor overheating system, the performance is overheating, speed abnormality, insufficient flow, etc.

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(1) The failure of the boiler multi-stage water pump pipe network system will appear in the design process of the water supply system. Once the failure of the pipe network system occurs, the water level of the water inlet pipe of the multi-stage pump may rise. This is due to the leakage of air, which causes the vacuum state in the pipe to be destroyed, and the water pump cannot absorb water normally. Adjust and adjust the water supply shut-off valve. Control, the manual and automatic adjustment of the regulating valve can produce a certain effect, but because the water level in the soft water tank is too low, the thermal deaeration tank is lacking water, which leads to the failure of the pipe network system, which makes the The water pump is not operating normally.

(2) When the boiler multi-stage water filling pump is in operation, there may also be a fault caused by the leakage of the sealing water. After adjusting the pressure, technicians generally use experience to analyze that the pressure may be too high, but there are still cases where the sealing water is sprayed out from the breathing hole of the bearing. This shows that it is not just a pressure problem, but also other problems. exist. After repeated experiments, the technicians also found that during the pressure test and backwater test, not only the pressure of the sealing water system is unstable, but the oil level in the coupler has also changed. In the case of water ingress in the oil, although the external vacuum oil filter can be used for filtration and dehydration, and the pressure and oil level can be manually adjusted continuously, this balancing method is not a long-term solution.

(3) The fault of the boiler's multi-stage water pump motor overheating generally occurs when the voltage is high or low during the operation of the boiler equipment. At this time, the instability of the voltage brings the unstable operation of the boiler equipment, the ventilation system or The unit has malfunctioned. Motor overheating is one of the signs. When the motor is overheated, the insulator will be burned out, causing the rotor to break. According to practical experience, the power supply system of the motor can be checked step by step, and the lubrication treatment in the maintenance work can be carried out according to practical experience. Analyze system failures and check the fan, ventilation ducts, bearing wear, etc., to ensure that the fan can work normally, the bearings can rotate normally, and the ventilation ducts are kept unblocked.

(4) The overheating failure of the pump body of the boiler multi-stage water filling pump is that the bearings of the boiler equipment are rubbing against each other during the operation of the boiler equipment, the lubrication system is lacking in oil, and the pump body is overheated. Check whether the lubrication system has Inferior oil quality exists, check whether the rotation of the bearing is normal, perform a clearance rolling test on the bearing, and carefully check to find the cause of the heating of the pump body of the feedwater pump, such as the shaft of the pump is not concentric, the balance of the impeller has problems, etc. .

(5) The failure of the vibration system of the boiler's multi-stage water refilling pump, the vibration phenomenon of the water refilling pump affects the operation of the equipment, and the failure of the vibration system brings about the safety of the overall system and affects the operation of the unit. When the boiler equipment vibrates, check the bolts of the fixed base and analyze the operation condition. Make sure that the bolts of the fixed base are stable and the bearings are running normally. After checking the bolts and bearings of the fixed base, if Both items are normal, but the vibration system failure still exists. It is necessary to check the deformation of the pump shaft and the rotor shaft of the motor to investigate whether the rotor shaft is unstable. Generally, the vibration failure should be shut down and checked first to ensure Transverse temperature changes will not start after the primary selection.

(6) The failure of the boiler's multi-stage water filling pump is caused by insufficient water in the boiler, which caused the pump to fail to absorb water. The characteristic is that the pressure gauge pointer has a violent beating phenomenon, the water pump is blocked, the water flow is insufficient, and the water is absorbed. The resistance of the pipe is relatively large, there is air leakage in the water absorption part, and abnormal sound is made. The current of the motor is too large, which causes the water supply to increase, the motor bearing is damaged, and the water multi-stage pump fails, and the pump shaft has serious water leakage.

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