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Split Case Pump

Capacity: 60-33005m³/h
Head: 0.95-30.2bar
Price: $2200-215000
Model: GS
Temperature: 0-105℃
Structure: Single stage
Power: 18.5-850kw
Speed: 730-2950r/min
Efficiency: 70-91%
NPSH: 2-11m
Voltage: 380V-10KV
Liquid Property: Various medium based on the material


Single stage double suction split case centrifugal pump is used for water supply or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties. It can use corrosion-resistant or wear-resistant materials to transport industrial wastewater, sea water or water with a small amount of particles. The temperature of the water can not be exceed 150℃. This type of pump is a high efficient and energy saving centrifugal pump with large flow rate and low head perfomance.


Real photos from water supply company


 Assembly video of  split case pump



1) Drainage system or circulating cooling water system of steel mill, petrochemical, thermal power plant and mine.
2) Municipal water supply and circulating water in heating system.
3) Farmland drainage and irrigation.
4) Hydro project.



split case structure







Low CostEasy Maintenance


The support distance between the two ends of the pump is short, the operation is stable, the vibration and noise are small, and the pump can be operated at an appropriate speed to make the pump adapt to a wider range.


Excellent hydraulic model, the efficiency of the pump is 2-3% higher than that of the same type of pump, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the pump.Cartridge mechanical seals, replacing mechanical seals becomes a simple task.


The same rotor can be operated in reverse, which reduces the risk of water pump damage caused by water hammer.


The vacuum height is increased by 1-3 meters, which reduces the investment in low civil construction and prolongs the service life.Apply elastic prestressed assembly, and the rotor components can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.


The pump uses the intermediate support, thickened pump body, sealed cooling, bearing thin oil lubrication, so that the pump can be used in applications up to 200℃, especially suitable for heating pipe network use requirements.


Using bearings of reliable brand, parts and materials can be selected according to user requirements, so that the pump can adapt to a variety of field operating conditions, greatly reducing maintenance costs.There is no need to adjust various gaps during assembly.


Mechanical seal or packing seal both applicable.


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Zoomlian Pump Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 and located in Changsha,Hunan Province, China. Our company has become one of the largest multistage pump manufacturers in mainland China and set up technical developing center, production center, sales and after-sales service center. We offers a portfolio of high quality industrial pumps which the main products are self balancing multistage pumps, multistage pumps, double suction split case pumps and chemical pumps.
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What is your product range?

AWe mainly supply all multistage ring sectional pumps, split case pumps, end suction chemical pumps driven by electric or diesel engine for over 30 years. If you have other demands such as sewage pumps, submersible pumps as well as the pumps we listed on our website. We have serveral cooperative manufacturers who can provide such pumps.

Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

AWe are a manufacturer who is mainly focusing on multistage pumps engaged in mines, power plants and chemical plants and etc.

What information shall I provide you when I need your offer?

A1. Capacity and total head (working pressure)of the pump. 2.Liquid medium, medium temperature. 3.Electric motor: Voltage, Frequency. 4. More other specifications, the better.

Can the pumps be shipped by air if I need them urgently?

AYes, of course we can deliver them by air. But I have to remind you that the freight costs will be very expensive.

Do you sell other brands water pumps? And do you accept OEM?

ANo, we don’t sell other brands pumps, but you may send me your detailed specification requirement if our brand is ok for you. And we accept OEM.

The specification requirements of our pumps are different with what you give out,can you customize them as my data?

AYes, we can. Please send me your detailed specification requirement then we will choose the suitable pumps to quote you.
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