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A 16-stage multistage pump ordered by NOV Fiber Glass Systems has been testedLight Industry

19 Oct 2023
Project Introduction
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Project Requirement

        Why is Changsha Zhonglian Pump a professional multistage centrifugal pump manufacturer? The reason is very simple, in the face of customer customized needs, our technical team and production process can meet these elastic needs, produce customer satisfaction products, which is a lot of ordinary pump manufacturers do not have the strength.




         Last month, the Foreign Trade Department of our company received a consultation on a pump house renovation project from NOV Fiber Glass Systems. Since the customer had previously used a 16-stage multistage pump, even the 10-stage multistage pump commonly used in China could meet the customer's required lift, but in order to match the installation size and piping on site, the customer proposed a 16-stage pump. So our technical team opened a study, according to the customer's site conditions and requirements, designed the D200-50*16 type 16-level horizontal multistage pump, the customer is very satisfied with our response speed and professional design scheme, based on these two points soon reached a supply agreement with us.

        At present, D200-50*16 type 16 horizontal multistage centrifugal pump has been produced off the line, complete the test, all performance in line with the inspection indicators, tomorrow will be ready to send to the port of Shanghai, on the road to development, continuous breakthrough is our consistent style of Changsha Zhonglian pump industry, to provide customers with good products is our ultimate goal, come to us did not buy pumps, yes!

Customers say this

The multistage pump bought by Zhonglian this time is to replace the original 16-stage multistage pump, and Zhonglian pump industry has not done 16-stage multistage pump before, so this is also a new attempt for them, fortunately, their technical engineers have rich experience in the design of multistage centrifugal pump, after more than 2 months of design and production, the product has been produced. All the data of the test are satisfactory, which gives us a deeper understanding of China's industrial manufacturing.

Optional Product
Self-balance Multistage Seawater Pump
  • Capacity:6.3-1100m³/h
  • Head:7.5-180bar
  • Price:$8400-71200
Self-balance Multistage Mine Pump
  • Capacity:6.3-1100m³/h
  • Head:7.5-180bar
  • Price:$4250-71230
Multistage Stainless Steel Pump (Balance Disc)
  • Capacity:6.3-850m³/h
  • Head:1.7-100bar
  • Price:$3700-51200
Multistage Centrifugal Pump (Balance Disc)
  • Capacity:6.3-850m³/h
  • Head:1.7-100bar
  • Price:$830-14000
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