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Comparison of the benefits of traditional horizontal high-pressure pumps and self-balancing horizontal high-pressure pumps

05 Jun 2021Email

We compare the MD120-50X4 (P) self-balancing horizontal high-pressure pump produced by Changsha Zoomlian Pump with the traditional horizontal high-pressure pump MD120-50X4 on the market, and analyze the difference in benefits between the two for example. The details are as follows .

Basic customer situation:

1. Daily displacement is 2000m3; daily working time: more than 15 hours, average ≥120 m3/H;

2. (a), vertical height: 160 meters; (b), total pipeline length: 180 meters; (c), pipeline passage: ¢125mm (seamless steel pipe);

3. The on-site environment temperature is about 40℃, and the humidity is about 90%;

4. The power used by the site power supply shall not exceed 110kw.


Recommended model:

1. Selection scheme: According to the above conditions, the flow rate of the water pump should be greater than 120 m3/H, and the required head of the water pump: According to the number display of items a, b, and c in the basic situation, the calculated pipeline loss is 30 meters, and the vertical height is 160 meters, the required head of the water pump is 190 meters.

2. Recommended model: According to the water inflow, drainage height, and power supply conditions, it is more appropriate to choose the MD120-50x4(P) self-balancing multi-stage high-pressure pump; when the rated flow of this type of pump is 120 m3/H, the rated head is 200 meters; When the maximum flow is 140 m3/H, the head is 188 meters; the matching motor power is 110kw. Speed: 2950r/min; power supply voltage: 380V.

3. Control system: Since the motor power reaches 110kw, if the auto-coupling step-down control cabinet is selected, the safety factor is low and there are certain disadvantages, it is recommended to use soft start control; because the humidity of the site conditions is as high as 90%, the control cabinet needs to be protected Corrosion and anti-rust treatment, stainless steel shell is used, and the inside of the cabinet must be dehumidified to prevent accelerated electrical components from aging, forming a short circuit, affecting normal operation, or even burning.

4. Piping accessories: (1) The inlet and outlet diameters of the water pump are all DN125mm. In order to ensure sufficient water intake, it is recommended to increase the water inlet pipe by one level (using DN150mm), and install a DN125 at the suction port of the pump to become DN150mm DN150mm bottom valve (also called shower head) is used for the diameter reducing pipe; (2) Because the pump needs to divert and exhaust before starting, and the valve must be closed to start, a gate valve must be installed at the outlet of the pump; in order to prevent high pressure after shutdown The water flows backwards, causing water hammer to damage the water pump, and a check valve must be installed; (3) There will inevitably be a position difference when the pipeline is installed. If the pipeline is connected to the water pump, if the pipeline is connected to the water pump, it will damage the water pump. If the body and flange are damaged, the pump body will be scrapped; it is recommended to install a soft joint at the connection between the inlet and outlet of the pump and the pipeline for buffering. (4) The angle of the water pump and the pipeline needs to be converted with an elbow. Please use the same steel pipe for cutting and welding according to the actual angle of the pipeline on the spot. You can also buy ready-made elbows to connect with bolts, you can choose by yourself.


Pump configuration:

1. Water pump material: water pump body material: ductile iron; throttle device: wear-resistant No. 1 material with patented technology to improve wear resistance and improve the trouble-free running time of the equipment.

2. Sealing method: packing seal (high pressure packing);

3. Bearing: low-pressure end adopts ball bearing, high-pressure end (tail end) adopts back-to-back angular contact bearing (a well-known domestic brand tile bearing);

4. Bearing lubrication method: splash type oil (or turbine oil);

5. Scope of supply: water pump host, motor, installation accessories: common base, coupling, anchor bolts, protective cover, inlet and outlet counter flanges; and pipeline accessories (optional purchase).


Comparison of the benefits of traditional horizontal high-pressure pumps and self-balancing horizontal high-pressure pumps

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