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Analysis of Causes of Overcurrent or Excessive Current in D Pump of Horizontal Multistage Pump

21 Jul 2021Email

According to the user’s reaction to the imagination that the horizontal multistage pump D pump will have an overcurrent when it is running, what is the reason for this phenomenon? When the D type horizontal multistage pump has an overcurrent phenomenon, it should be immediately Shut down to check the pump set and solve it in time, so as to ensure that the pump set will not malfunction and can operate effectively. The following editor will tell you the reasons for the excessive current of the horizontal multi-stage pump and the treatment methods.

horizontal multistage pump

1. Low head

When selecting a horizontal multi-stage pump, the actual head of the pump is too lower than that of the pump design, causing the pump flow to increase, increasing the resistance of the impeller and causing the motor to overload, causing overcurrent; or the selected model has a far head. The head is higher than the actual working condition, and the phenomenon of overcurrent appears.

Solution: This can be adjusted by installing an outlet valve; re-select the new model, choose a suitable pump from Yangcheng or adjust the outlet valve to make the flow smaller.

2. Packing is too tight

Some of the D-type multi-stage pumps are sealed by packing, which must be pressed tightly to ensure that the multi-stage pump does not leak. In order to prevent the water pump from leaking, the manager presses the packing too tightly and increases the friction between the packing and the shaft sleeve. It will be difficult to turn around, causing overcurrent. The solution is to loosen the packing and rotate flexibly while ensuring that the multi-stage pump does not leak.

3. The balance disc or the balance ring is worn out

When the balance disc or the balance disc of the multi-stage centrifugal pump is worn to a certain extent, the impeller of the D-type pump will rub against the inside of the pump, causing the motor to overload. Fifty percent of the overcurrent of the multi-stage pump is caused by this reason. Solution: Replace the balance plate and the balance ring, and adjust the pump series.

4. Unqualified installation

The D-type multistage pump and the motor are not concentric, or the gap between the couplings is not adjusted properly. Re-adjust the concentricity of the pump and the motor. If necessary, add gaskets. The colleague adjusts the gap between the pump connection and the electrical connection. When using multi-stage pumps, we must pay attention to the above problems, and also consider the problems of voltage and wiring, whether the voltage is low or the cable is too thin or too long. These will cause overcurrent in the multistage pump.

5. Other factors

  1) The running speed of the water pump is too high and the motor is overloaded, which causes the phenomenon of overcurrent. Relevant measures should be taken to reduce the running speed of the multi-stage pump;

  2) The matching power of the D-type multistage pump is lower than the actual matching power, which increases the load of the motor. Replace the high-power matching motor as soon as possible to reduce losses;

  3) If the bearing appears or the shaft is bent, the pump shaft and bearing should be checked immediately for faults, and if so, they should be replaced accordingly;

  4) The packing gland is pressed too tightly, and adjust it accordingly;

  5) During the assembling process of the D-type pump, the gap between the pump coupling and the motor coupling is too large or they are not concentric, the water pump coupling can be adjusted accordingly;

  7) The motor is out of service for a long time, which causes the motor to be unstable, which can make the motor gradually stabilize after a period of time.

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