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What is the specific operation process of the high-pressure grey water circulation pump?

30 Jul 2021Email

The specific operation process of the high-pressure grey water circulation pump:

1. Check and confirm the high-pressure gray water circulation pump before starting the pump

(1) All equipment and instruments are installed in place.

(2) PV1410 meter calibration is normal.

(3) Manual cranking is flexible and has no jamming.

(4) Good electrical insulation.

(5) The P1406 lubricating oil level is normal and the oil quality is normal.

(6) CW flow is normal, DW is normal.

(7) Confirm that the front and rear stop valves of PV1410 are open.

(8) The ball valve in front of each pressure gauge is opened.

High pressure grey water circulation pump

2. Preparation before start-up of the high-pressure grey water circulating pump

(1) Confirm that V1408 and the liquid level are normal.

(2) Close the inlet and outlet pilot valves of the pump.

(3) Open the pump inlet valve.

(4) Open the outlet of the pump to exhaust the guide shower, and close the outlet guide after the exhaust is completed.

(5) Contact the dispatcher and electric to prepare to start the pump.

3. Start the high-pressure grey water circulation pump

(1) Notify the control room to prepare to start P1406.

(2) Press the start button to start P1406.

(3) After the pump is started, the central control room immediately fully open the PV1410 valve, observe the pump outlet pressure on site, and adjust the PV1410 opening degree in the central control room to ensure that the outlet pressure is not less than 7.5MP.

(4) After confirming that the pump is operating normally and without abnormalities on site, the central control slowly fully open the pump outlet valve while adjusting the opening of the PVI1410 valve, and always keep the PT1410 pressure not less than 7.5MP

(5) After the outlet valve is fully opened and the PT1410 is stable, put its pressure into automatic operation.

4. Prepare the pump

(1) Confirm that the equipment and instruments are normal.

(2) Confirm that the supply of CW and DW is normal.

(3) The lubricating oil level and oil quality are normal.

(4) Close the pump guide valve, open the pump inlet valve, open the outlet guide valve to exhaust, and close the exhaust valve after exhausting.

(5) Open the manual valve at the pump outlet, the front and rear valves of the pressure regulating valve PV1410 are opened, and the regulating valve is closed. Confirm that the pump is not reversed.

(6) Turn the switch of the control cabinet to the "remote" position on site, and notify the central control room that the backup pump is ready on site.

(7) The central control will switch the standby pump to the "automatic" position (according to the actual situation).

5. Inverted pump operation

Take A running, inverted B pump running as an example.

(1) Pump B confirms the pump according to routine confirmation and preparation.

(2) Notify the dispatching and electrical preparation to start P1410B.

(3) Press the start button to start P1410B, the central control room immediately fully open PV1410B, and then contact the scene, adjust the opening of PⅥ1410B to keep the outlet pressure greater than 7.5MP.

(4) Confirm that the P1410B pump is operating normally on site, slowly open the B pump outlet valve.

(5) The central control will manually operate the PT1410. While opening the B pump outlet valve, close the opening of PⅥ1410B and increase the opening of PV1410A, ensuring that the pressure of PT1410 is stable.

(6) When the outlet valve of pump B is fully open VI1410A fully open PT1410 is not less than 7.5MP and is stable, slowly close the outlet valve of pump A until it is fully closed.

(7) The control room adjusts the opening degree of PⅥ1410B to ensure the stability of PT1410 and the stability of the water inlet of the washing tower.

(8) After the central control confirms that the parameters of the P1406B pump are normal, it informs the electrical and dispatcher to stop P1406A.

(9) Press the stop button to stop the P1406A pump.

(10) P1406A pump should be overhauled or spared according to actual conditions.

6. Stop the pump

(1) The central control staff informs the dispatcher to stop the P1406 pump.

(2) The control room will adjust the pressure to manual, fully open the PV1410, and close the pump outlet electric valve.

(3) Press the stop button to stop the pump.

(4) PV1410 is fully closed in the control room.

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