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S-type horizontal split volute double-suction pump working principle and operating conditions

10 May 2021Email

S-type horizontal split volute double-suction pump volute split pump is suitable for pumping clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water (neutral or weakly corrosive liquid with trace particles). Double suction pumps are suitable for urban water supply, large-scale water conservancy projects, farmland irrigation, drainage, drainage pumping stations, power stations, mines, industrial water supply systems, air conditioning systems, fire fighting systems, shipbuilding industry, and general use in the oil refining industry.

S-type horizontal split volute double-suction pump volute split pump is a centrifugal pump, and its working principle is the same as that of a centrifugal pump. The details are as follows:

The driving machine (motor) drives the impeller to rotate through the volute-type split pump shaft. The impeller's blades drive the liquid to rotate together, thus generating centrifugal force. Under the action of this centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown to the impeller outlet along the blade flow path. It is collected by the volute and sent to the discharge pipe. The liquid of the volute split pump obtains energy from the impeller, which increases the pressure energy and speed energy, and relies on this energy to transport the liquid to the work site. When one impeller cannot make the liquid obtain enough energy, multiple impellers can be connected in series or in parallel to do work on the fluid.

In the volute type split pump, when the liquid is thrown to the outlet of the impeller, a low pressure is formed at the center of the impeller inlet. A pressure difference is generated between the liquid in the suction tank and the center of the impeller, and the liquid in the suction tank is Under the action of this pressure difference, it continuously enters the impeller through the suction pipeline and the suction chamber of the pump. In this way, during the rotation of the impeller, while continuously sucking in liquid, it continuously applies a certain amount of energy to the sucked liquid to discharge the liquid, so that the volute split centrifugal pump can work continuously.

The impeller is installed in the pump casing and fastened to the pump shaft, which is directly driven by the motor. There is a liquid suction pipe connected with the suction pipe in the middle of the pump casing. The liquid enters the pump through the bottom valve and the suction pipe. The liquid discharge port on the pump casing is connected with the discharge pipe. When the speed of the pump is constant, its head and flow are related to the diameter of the impeller.


Working conditions of S-type horizontal split volute double-suction pump volute split pump:

Allowable working pressure is 2.5MPa; that is, pump inlet pressure + pump head ≤ 2.5MPa.

Medium: Clear water with temperature ≤105°C or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water (solid particles ≤80mg/L).

Flow rate: 50~4200 m3/h (rated point).

Outlet diameter: DN=80~500mm.

1. It must meet the requirements of flow and head, that is, the operation point of the pump (the intersection of the device characteristic curve and the pump performance curve) must always be kept in the high-efficiency range, so that it saves power and is not easy to damage the parts.

2. The selected pump should not only be small in size, light in weight, low in cost, but also have good characteristics and high efficiency.

3. It has good anti-cavitation performance, stable operation and long life.

4. The project investment of the selected pump is small, and the operating cost is low.

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