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Preparation work and heating pump work of deaeration boiler feed water pump

13 Sep 2021Email

Preparatory work before start-up of the feed pump of the deaeration boiler

boiler feed pump

1. When all installation and maintenance work has been completed, clean up and dry the site, and prepare vibration meters, listening needles and other tools

2. Check that the measuring meters are complete, the pressure gauges are turned on, and the water supply pump should be flexible.

3. Check that the feedwater pump and oil pump switch are in the off position, and the interlock is in the cut off position

4. Contact the electrical to measure the insulation of the feedwater pump motor and the oil pump motor, and send it to the power and operating power supply

5. Contact the electric instrument personnel to send the instrument power supply, put in and test each alarm and protection device

6. Check that the deaeration feedwater pump and the lubricating oil circuit of the motor bearing should be unblocked, and each oil valve should be open

7. Check that the oil level of the thin oil station is at a high level, the oil quality is good, and the oil drain valve is closed.

8. The water level of the deaerator is normal

9. Check that the seal water inlet of the feedwater deaerator pump is fully open. The seal water pressure is 0.2-0.3MPa higher than the inlet pressure of the feedwater pump. The opening of the outlet valve depends on the situation. Generally, there is a small amount of water dripping out of the packing.

10. Check that the inlet door of the feedwater pump is open, the outlet door is closed, the recirculation door is slightly opened, the water discharge door in front of the outlet door, the heating pump door is closed, the motor air cooler outlet door is opened, and the inlet door is closed

11. The oil quality of the fluid coupling should be qualified, the oil level of the fuel tank should be at the highest position, the cooling water outlet door of the oil cooler should be opened, and the inlet door should be closed. The electric manipulator, electric actuator and speed measuring device move flexibly and accurately. The catheter position is at position 0.


Deaeration boiler feed water pump heating pump work

Normally use positive heating when heating the pump, open the door of the heating pump, and check that there is water flowing out. The heating time of the pump should be more than two hours, or the temperature difference between the upper and lower shells should be ≤15℃, and the difference between the shell temperature and the feed water temperature is <8-10
℃. Check the inlet water pressure and temperature of the feed water pump. The inlet water pressure should not be lower than 1.13 times the saturation pressure corresponding to the temperature.

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