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Zoomlian Pump : Mine Wear-resistant Self-balancing Multistage Pump to the China Southwest Mining Area

22 Dec 2018Email us

It is reported that in order to ensure the safe production of coal mines, Bijie Zhongcheng Energy has upgraded the production infrastructure equipment through public bidding. The well-known enterprises in the industry, Kaiquan Pump, Dongfang Pump and Zoomlian Pump, have participated in the bidding. In the end, Bijie Zhongcheng Energy choose Zoomlian Pump who has many years of experience in self-balancing multi-stage pump manufacturing.


According to the reporter, the Bijie Zhongcheng Energy selected the MD600-60X4(P) self-balancing multistage pump of Zoomlian Pump. The impeller is symmetrically arrangement, and the axial force generated during operation has been self balanced. The need for a fault-prone balancing device breaks through the structural defects of the conventional multi-stage pump (click here to learn more about the differences between new one and the conventional one), and has the characteristics of high efficiency, high stability, low maintenance rate, etc., and fully meets the complicated working conditions of high lift, large flow and poor downhole water quality.

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