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Actively Respond to Environmental Upgrades and Industrial Integration For ZB Pump

14 Dec 2018Email us

As the country's environmental protection requirements continue to be strict, as the foundry industry in the highly polluting industry, the development situation in 2018 is still not optimistic. In this regard, many mid-stream and downstream machinery manufacturers have taken precautions to solve the situation that casting products are in short supply by extending the industrial chain.

Zoomlian Pump is one of the most representative enterprises.It is understood that Zoomlian Pump has its own foundry and masters the initiative of independent production, which can effectively guarantee the efficient production of multi-stage pumps and other products.

Environmentally repressurized 2018 casting industry is still not optimistic

In 2017, with the strict implementation of the national environmental protection policy, a large number of small and medium-sized foundry enterprises in many parts of the country, especially around Beijing and the Yangtze River Delta, which have not achieved environmental assessment and environmental protection, have been shut down. Other foundry companies also implement peak production according to the season. On July 31, 2017, China Foundry Association issued the “Limited Air Pollutant Emission Limits for Foundry Industry”, which was implemented on October 1, 2017, providing a theoretical basis for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection of foundry enterprises. In 2018, the environmental protection of foundry companies is more stringent, and the development of the entire foundry industry is still not optimistic.

In the entire machinery industry, the foundry industry belongs to industries with high energy consumption and serious pollution. The energy consumption of the foundry industry accounts for 25% to 30% of the total energy consumption of the machinery industry. The most serious environmental pollution caused by foundry companies in the production process is solid waste and air pollution. Dust, exhaust gas, noise, etc. generated in the production process of the foundry industry will cause a certain degree of pollution to the surrounding environment.
With the gradual enhancement of the public awareness of environmental protection in the society, the national environmental protection laws and regulations have stricter requirements on environmental protection, and the implementation of environmental protection standards in the foundry industry will urge large-scale foundry enterprises to continuously improve energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Strength, began to develop towards a healthy competition.

Despite this, due to factors such as high raw material prices, the business situation of the foundry industry is still not optimistic in 2018, and all foundry companies are under tremendous pressure to survive and upgrade the industry.
Casting is one of the basic processes of the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, the environmental pressures it faces will inevitably affect the relevant manufacturing enterprises in the middle and lower reaches.
The reporter learned that affected by a large number of small and medium-sized foundry enterprises, related enterprises such as pump industry, machine tools and urban rail are affected. “The partial shutdown of the foundry caused the supply to keep up with the demand, which has a great impact on the normal production of our company, and the supply speed of finished products has dropped significantly,” said a person in the machinery industry. He said that the company is actively taking measures to deal with this situation.
There are also some companies that deal with the limited production of foundries by extending to the upstream foundry industry. Zoomlian Pump  is a typical representative. Zoomlian Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture of industrial centrifugal pumps. Its products include multi-stage pumps, stainless steel multi-stage pumps, oil pumps, horizontal multi-suction pumps, double-suction medium-open pumps, and self-balancing multi-stage pumps.

Facing the environmental protection pressure of the foundry industry, Zoomlian Pump actively responded and the industrial chain extended upstream. “The overall environmental protection upgrade pressure of the foundry industry is relatively high. The investment casting process is to take the initiative in its own hands, not only to ensure the normal production cycle of our self-balancing multi-stage pumps, but also to ensure the quality of our products.” The relevant person in charge of Zoomlian Pump said.

Relevant experts said that taking precautions to take the lead, Zoomlian Pump's extension to the upstream of the industrial chain is worth learning from relevant industry companies.

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