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China's largest deep tunnel pump house completed

16 Aug 2019Email us

China's largest deep tunnel pump house is expected to be completed by the end of August


Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant is the key project of Wuhan “Great Yangtze River Protection” and the largest sewage treatment project in China. Upon completion, it will be connected to the Dadong Lake Deep Tunnel to treat domestic sewage from more than 130 square kilometers along the route.


As an important node project connecting the Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Dadonghu Deep Tunnel, the largest deep water pumping station in the country has been drilled to more than 40 meters underground. This pit of about 43 meters in diameter is like a solid underground palace, one layer after another.


Workers standing at the bottom of the foundation pit are working on formwork installation and reinforcement work to prepare for the next pouring work.


The person in charge of the site of Wuhan Sanzhen Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. from the Water Group introduced that the deep tunnel pumping station is the “throat” part of the Dadonghu deep tunnel. After the sewage is collected through the underground tunnel, it passes through 6 huge pumps and is then pumped into the various process structures on the ground at Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment.


 "This kind of deep and so large permanent foundation pit is rare in domestic construction, and it has set a precedent in water treatment projects." The relevant person in charge said that the deep tunnel pumping station adopts a "reverse method" construction from top to bottom. The rock formation encountered during the excavation process needs to be blasted before the excavation work. Up to now, the 14-story deep tunnel pumping station has been carried out to the 12th floor. It is expected that the bottom two layers of the tunnel will be closed after the end of August.


       It is understood that for the disposal of 800,000 tons of sewage per day in the future, Beihu Wastewater Treatment Plant will adopt two advanced processes: one is the traditional “A/A/O+ deep treatment” and the other is “MBR membrane treatment”. The emission standards of both processes have reached the highest level of the “Class A standard”.


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