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New model of multistage pump delivered to Uzbekistan

31 Aug 2019Email us

Recently, the multistage pump of the self-balancing new model D200-55*12P has been completed and tested. After testing, it successfully reached the parameter technical standard.

multistage pump

Relevant technicians from Uzbekistan came to Changsha Zoomlian Pump to carry out on-site inspection of pumps. From the order of customers in Uzbekistan, to the design, development of molds, casting, processing and production, assembly, finished product pressure testing, and finished products of Zoomlian Pump, it has gone through 100 days.


Regardless of quality of the pumps, or the team's team members' collaborative efficiency, the company has received great appraisal from the customer.

pump testing

This pump is mainly used in the early stage of oil development, oil injection in the oil field, and has high requirements for the stability, service life and maintenance of the pump. Self-balancing multistage pump produced by Zoomlian, the impeller is anti-symmetric arrangement, the axial force generated during operation is self-phase balanced, and there is no need for a faulty balancing device, which breaks through the structural defects of the traditional multistage pump. High efficiency, high stability, low maintenance rate, etc., fully meet the complex conditions of high lift, large flow and poor water quality.


The relevant technical personnel from Zoomlian and the inspection workers of the factory completed the customer's request overnight in the final pump test.

testing control cabinet

GM from Zoomlian Pump said that in the future, the company will continue to improve the quality of after-sales service, establish a more complete after-sales service system, and provide customers with more comprehensive, humanized and refined after-sales service.

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