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Startup, operation and shutdown of mine medium pressure pump

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1. Precautions for the use and operation of mining medium-pressure pumps
1.1 The pump is only allowed to operate within the specified parameters.
1.2 The pump is not allowed to run when the spit valve is closed or closed to a small opening, otherwise it will cause the pump to heat up and reduce its life. If the pumps are installed in a parallel system, each pump must be operated under specific parameters to ensure the flow of the pump.
1.3 The pump cannot be operated with the suction valve closed, otherwise the pump will run dry and damage the pump parts.
1.4 The medium delivered by the pump must not contain air or gas, otherwise the flow and head of the pump cannot be accurately measured, and the parts will be damaged by grinding.
1.5 This type of pump can not transport the medium with solid particle content greater than 1.5% (volume concentration) (particle size greater than 0.5mm), otherwise it will reduce the efficiency of the pump and the life of the parts.
1.6 It is absolutely forbidden to block the balance water pipe. Inspection method: Check whether the balance water pipe is not flowing smoothly, and determine whether the temperature at the balance water pipe is normal.
1.7 Pay attention to the bearing temperature when the pump is running. The maximum temperature should not be higher than 70℃. During the use of the pump, keep the oil chamber clean and always pay attention to adding lubricating grease.
1.8 For pumps with axial movement, check whether the pump shaft movement is within the allowable range.
1.9 The packing compression degree of the pump can be adjusted at any time until the temperature rise and leakage are appropriate.
1.10 The pump should be overhauled after working for a certain period of time. When the gap between the sealing ring and the impeller is more than twice the maximum due to wear, the sealing ring should be replaced.
1.11 Users can formulate detailed operating procedures according to the actual situation and technical level of the site.
1.12 Before starting the pump, perform the pre-start inspection of the pump according to Article 6.2.


2. Inspection before starting the mining medium pressure pump
2.1 Before starting the pump, check whether the connections of all bolts, pipelines and instrument leads are tight.
2.2 Check whether all instruments, valves and instruments are normal.
2.3 The pump shaft must be turned by hand before starting, and it feels flexible.
2.4 Check whether the steering of the motor is consistent with the steering of the pump.
2.5 Before starting the pump, it is necessary to inject water or vacuum into the pump, and close the outlet gate valve and pressure gauge cock.


3. Start-up of medium-pressure pump for mining
3.1 Matters needing attention when starting the pump:
a) Observe the indications of the pressure gauge and switch when starting for adjustment.
b) The pump cannot be turned on before the suction valve of the pump is fully opened.
c) After starting, the spit valve cannot be closed or nearly closed for a long time, otherwise the liquid in the pump will overheat.
3.2 Steps to start the pump
a) Carry out the pre-driving inspection according to the content of item 2.2 above.
b) Open the suction valve of the pump and the valve of the water seal water pipeline.
c) Close the valve of the spit line to fill the pump with liquid.
d) Start the motor. Then gradually open the valve of the discharge line.
e) Start the water pump, open the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge cock, and gradually open the outlet gate valve until the pointer of the pressure gauge points to the position of the specified parameter range of the pump. When the pressure of the pump does not rise, stop immediately to prevent the balance mechanism from wearing.


4. Operation inspection of medium pressure pump for mining
After the pump is running, the instrument should be checked at regular intervals according to the procedure in Article 2.2. In order to determine whether the pump is working properly, and to check the speed of the pump. In addition, monitor the pump's flow, head, temperature and lubrication status.
When the pump fails, the pump should be stopped.


5. Stop the pump
5.1 Close the suction pressure gauge and the discharge pressure gauge.
5.2 Slowly close the discharge valve of the pump.
5.3 Turn off the motor.
5.4 When the pump stops, close the suction valve of the pump.

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