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Inline centrifugal pumps (also known as ISG vertical centrifugal pumps, ISW horizontal centrifugal pumps, some single-stage XBD fire pumps are also su...
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Corrosion is always one of the most serious hazards for chemical pump, if you are careless, it will not only damage pump, but lead to huge disaster.Ac...
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1.The blockage of balancing water pipeIf there is a blockage of the balancing water pipe, p6=p4 which means the balancing disc fail to generate balanc...
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IH model pump can be installed with different types of mechanical seals according to different conditions of use, such as single-end balanced and unba...
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HEAD is the height at which the pump delivers the required amount of water. Calculation of HEADWhen one does not know the head, we need to know the f...
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The multistage pump does not absorb water, the pressure gauge and the vacuum gauge pointer vibrate vigorously, or the vacuum gauge shows a high vacuum...
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In chemical production, it is often necessary to transport fluid from a low point to a high point, from a low pressure to a high pressure, or along a ...
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First, the bearing temperature standard - pump bearing temperature standard1. GB3215-82 4.4.1 During the operation of the pump, the maximum temperatur...
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