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Disassembly and assembly diagram of stainless steel water pump impeller

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The stainless steel water pump housing is made of stainless steel, which can transport corrosive media. The appropriate stainless steel material is selected according to the corrosiveness of different media. The impeller is made of standard 304 material, which is cast by a series of procedures such as rough casting, rough machining and finishing. . If the stainless steel impeller encounters damage such as wear or corrosion, it is necessary to disassemble the water pump impeller, the method of disassembling the stainless steel water pump impeller and the sequence of dismantling the stainless steel impeller of the water pump are as follows:


1. When disassembling the impeller of the water pump, it is necessary to measure the axial and radial runout of the rotor, measure whether the axial runout and radial runout of the rotor are normal, and record it as shown in Figure 1-11. The maximum value minus the minimum value is the amount of runout at that point

Stainless steel water pump impeller disassembly and assembly diagram stainless steel water pump impeller disassembly and assembly diagram

2.Then disassemble the impeller back cap, remove the impeller, confirm the rotation direction of the back cap before disassembly, and prohibit the reverse force to damage the back cap, as shown in Figure 1-12, when the impeller is pried off with a crowbar, pry it against the ribs of the impeller. In order to avoid cracking the impeller, as shown in Figure 1-13, there should be no seizure and slippage phenomenon on the impeller back cap after visual inspection, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced.


Disassembly method of stainless steel water pump impeller:

When disassembling the impeller, use a special wrench to unscrew the impeller nut in the same direction as the impeller rotation, remove the non-return washer, and the impeller can be removed. If you can't remove it, you can use the sleeve to cover the shaft head, and gently tap the sleeve head with a hand hammer. After the impeller is loose, it can be removed.

Tools needed for disassembly: special wrench, casing, hand hammer


Precautions for disassembling stainless steel impeller:

(1) Prepare a workbench for placing parts and components, or place them on a wooden board, and avoid throwing them around.

(2) Use special tools reasonably.

(3) When disassembling closely-fitting parts, padded wooden blocks and hit them with a hammer. It is forbidden to hit the parts with a sledgehammer.

(4) The bonding surface, friction surface and smooth processing surface must be kept clean, and must not be bruised or damaged.


Disassembly sequence of stainless steel impeller of water pump:

1. Remove the bearing parts from the bolts on the bearing gland on the discharge side and the coupling nuts between the discharge section, the stuffing box body and the bearing body:

2. Unscrew the round nut on the shaft, remove the inner ring of the bearing, the bearing gland and the stopper in turn, and then remove the packing body (including packing gland, packing ring and packing, etc.):

3. After removing the O-shaped sealing ring, shaft sleeve, balance plate and key on the shaft in turn, remove the spitting section (including the final stage guide vane, balance ring, etc.);

4. After unloading the last stage impeller and key, unload the middle section (including guide vanes): Continue to unload the other stages of impeller, middle section and guide vanes in the same way until the first stage impeller is removed:

5. After unscrewing the coupling nut between the suction section and the bearing body and the bolt on the bearing, remove the bearing parts;

6. Pull the shaft out of the suction section, unscrew the fixing nut on the shaft, and remove the bearing inner ring, O-ring seal, shaft sleeve, and stop sleeve in turn.

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