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Chemical equipment's requirements for the selection of corrosion-resistant chemical centrifugal pumps

06 Sep 2021Email

There are many kinds of equipment in chemical plants. Chemical equipment generally exists in a special working condition, for example, used in a corrosive and volatile medium environment. There is also an important equipment in it, that is, corrosion-resistant chemical industry. Since the centrifugal pump is such a special situation, the corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump must also have special requirements. Now we will introduce the eight major requirements of chemical equipment for corrosion-resistant chemical centrifugal pumps.

chemical pumps

(1) It must meet the requirements of process parameters such as flow, head, pressure, temperature, and cavitation margin.

(2) Must meet the requirements of media characteristics:

① For pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or precious media, reliable shaft seals or use of leak-free chemical centrifugal pumps are required.

② For pumps that transport corrosive media, the flow parts are required to be made of corrosion-resistant materials.

③For pumps that transport solid particles, the wetted parts are required to be made of wear-resistant materials, and the shaft seal should be flushed with clean liquid when necessary.

(3) Must meet on-site installation requirements:

① For pumps installed in places where corrosive gas exists, measures to prevent atmospheric corrosion are required.

② For pumps that are installed in an outdoor environment with a temperature lower than -20C, it is required to consider the cold brittleness of the pump and use low-temperature resistant materials.

③For pumps installed in explosive areas. Explosion-proof motors should be used according to the explosion zone level.

(4) For factories requiring major overhaul every year, the continuous operation period of corrosion-resistant chemical centrifugal pumps should generally not be less than 8000 hours. In order to meet the requirements of a three-year overhaul, APl610 (8th edition) stipulates that the continuous operation period of pumps for petroleum, heavy chemical and gas industries is at least 3 years.

(5) The design life of the pump is generally at least 10 years. APl610 (8th edition) stipulates the design life of centrifugal pumps for petroleum, heavy chemical and gas industries.
(6) The pump factory should guarantee the performance of the corrosion-resistant chemical centrifugal pump within the range of power supply voltage and frequency. The range of power supply voltage and frequency in my country is: voltage-380V ± 10%, 6000V + 5%, -7%, frequency-50Hz ± 0.5%

(7) When determining the pump model and manufacturer, factors such as pump performance, energy consumption, reliability, price, and manufacturing specifications should be considered comprehensively.

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