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Analysis and treatment of common failures of XBD fire pump

15 Jun 2021Email

In the process of using XBD fire pump, there will be some minor problems more or less, and sometimes we can completely avoid these problems in the process of use. This article sorts out the analysis and treatment methods of common failures of XBD fire pump.

1. XBD fire pump motor is overheated:

For fire pumps powered by electric motors, the most common fault is that the electric motors are overheated. The main reason is that the voltage is too high or low, the transmission is not smooth, the ventilation system is faulty, and the unit faults cause the motor to overheat. Phenomenon: When overheating is severe, the insulation will burn out and the rotor will break.

First, check the power supply system, and solve the motor overheating by restoring stable power supply. Poor transmission can also cause the motor to overheat. Due to the poor transmission between the motor and the fire pump, the motor load is too large, a small horse-drawn cart appears, and the temperature rises when the motor is overloaded. Common poor transmission is mainly due to lack of oil in the rotating bearing of the transmission system, bearing damage, etc., just find the fault point and replace or lubricate.

The motor is overheated due to the failure of the ventilation system, mainly due to the damage of the fan, the blockage of the ventilation duct, and the wear of the bearing.


2. The pump body of XBD fire pump is overheated:

Common reasons are caused by friction caused by bearings, or caused by lack of oil in the lubrication system and poor oil quality.

Firstly, check whether the lubrication system is short of oil or the lubricant contains impurities, etc., and secondly, check whether the bearing is damaged. For the overheating of the pump body that has just been overhauled, check whether the gap between the rolling bearing or the bracket cover is too small. If it is overheated after the above inspection, it is necessary to check whether the pump shaft is bent or the two shafts are not concentric. At the same time, check the balance of the impeller, adjust the pump shaft or adjust the concentricity of the two shafts, clear the impeller hole, and ensure the rotation balance of the pump shaft and the impeller.


3. Insufficient flow of XBD fire pump:

The main reasons are damage to the pump blades, blockage of the pipeline or leakage. For fire pumps with leather drive, it is also necessary to consider whether the flow rate is insufficient due to the low speed caused by belt slippage. After checking the belt, check the pipeline. If the flow rate at the blockage leakage is insufficient, the impeller damage should be considered. Check the impeller and lubricate the bearings, etc., to avoid insufficient flow due to insufficient speed due to bearing lubrication or damage.


4. Vibration failure of XBD fire pump system:

The failure of the fire pump bearing system can cause insufficient flow, heating of the pump body, and poor operation. The main reasons for the excessive vibration of the unit are due to the deformation of the pump shaft or the motor rotor shaft, the bearing damage and the loosening of the base fixing bolts.

After excessive vibration of the unit occurs, the first line of inspection should be to check whether the fixing base bolts are firm, and secondly, check whether the bearing parts are overheated and not rotating smoothly. If the above situation, it can be determined that the excessive vibration is caused by the damage of the bearing. If the unit still vibrates after other reasons are eliminated, it can be considered that the pump shaft or the motor rotor shaft deforms to cause excessive vibration.
The deformation of the shaft of the pump shaft or the electronic rotor shaft is mostly temporary deformation, which is caused by partial overheating caused by the damage of the bearing of the unit. The deformation will disappear after the temperature is equalized after the shutdown.


5. XBD fire pump cannot be started:

Check the power supply, whether the fire pump connector is firmly connected; whether the switch contacts are tight; whether the fuse of the fire pump is blown; whether the three-phase power supply is lacking phase. If there is an open circuit, poor contact, blown fuse, or lack of equivalence, the cause should be found and repaired. Secondly, check the mechanical failure of the fire pump itself. The common reasons are: the fire pump packing is too tight, the impeller and the pump body are jammed and blocked by debris; the fire pump shaft, bearing, and the leakage reducing ring are rusted, and the fire pump shaft is bent. Wait.
Elimination methods: loosen the packing, dredge the water channel, remove the pump body debris, remove rust, correct the pump shaft or update the pump shaft.


6. XBD fire pump cannot suck water:

There is air in the pump body or gas in the water inlet pipe, or the bottom valve is not closed tightly, the irrigation is not full, the vacuum pump packing is seriously leaking, and the gate valve or the flap door is not closed tightly. Remedy: First press the water up, then fill the fire pump body with water, and then turn it on. At the same time, check whether the check valve of the fire pump is tight and whether there is air leakage in the pipelines and joints. If the fire pump is leaking, apply lubricating oil or blending paint to the next place after disassembly and tighten the screws; check the oil seal ring of the fire pump shaft , If the wear is serious, replace with new parts; the fire pump pipeline leaks or leaks, and the nuts of the fire pump may not be tightened tightly during installation. If the leakage of the fire pump is not serious, apply cement or cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil in the leaking or leaking place. Temporary repairs can be done with wet mud or soft soap.

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