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Use and maintenance of ZYB air pump

08 Jan 2022Email

     After the new pump has been working for 200 hours, the drain plug in the lower part of the oil pump housing should be removed to discharge the dirty oil, then the oil pool should be cleaned, and new oil should be replaced. In the future, the oil is generally changed every 1000 working hours. The requirements for lubricating oil as follows:

oil pump

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  Because the temperature of the air pump is relatively high, the specific pressure of the sliding plate to the unloading ring is relatively large, so the lubricating oil is required to have a high viscosity to ensure good lubrication and sealing of the moving parts. Secondly, it also requires a high flash point and a certain degree of anti-oxidation stability, so that the oil is not easy to volatilize, not easy to oxidize and cause carbon deposition. When using the air pump in the northern winter, the pump must be started in an environment 10°C above the freezing point to avoid Condensation of lubricating oil caused serious damage accidents due to poor oil delivery. According to these requirements, the grades of lubricating oil are as follows:

   Winter: No. 13 compressor oil

  Summer: No. 19 compressor oil

  If these two kinds of oils are not available, choose the lubricating oil with the following performance indexes

  (L) Relative viscosity 20~24°E or kinematic viscosity 150~180cst50°C

  (2) Flash point: greater than 200°C.

  (3) Freezing point: lower than -15°C. The ambient temperature should be more than 10°C higher than the freezing point of the oil.

  -No. 20 aviation lubricating oil and No. 20 diesel engine oil are also available in summer; No. 14 diesel engine oil is optional in winter, and No. 15 gas oil engine oil is alternative

   5. Pay attention to the direction of rotation of the air pump when wiring, and it must be consistent with the direction indicated by the steering sign on the air pump.

   6. When the pump has been parked for more than three months or has just been overhauled, let the pump run dry for half an hour first, and then test run for half an hour with the rated load. If there is no abnormal condition, it can be equipped with the machine.

7. Piping: the air inlet pipe joint is connected to the using part with a cloth hose for vacuum suction; the exhaust pipe joint is connected to the using part with a cloth hose for blowing compressed air; if the paper is collected by air, it can be collected The paper hose is connected to the air supply port.

   When piping, it must be noted that all pipes and joints must not leak or collapse. The inner diameter of the pipe should not be less than the inner diameter of the pipe joint. When the pipe length is greater than 2 meters, a larger inner diameter hose must be used for connection.

   8. The size of vacuum and pressure can be adjusted by rotating the adjustment valve knob. As the air pump leaves the factory, the two adjustment widths have restricted the rated load. When the air pump is used for a long time or is found to be unable to reach the rated load after inspection, you can remove the knob, loosen the set screw on the copper sleeve inside, and turn it with a screwdriver. Turn the middle adjusting bolt clockwise to reduce the vacuum (or pressure), and vice versa.

  9. Every time the air filter is used for one to two months, the garbage needs to be removed to avoid clogging and causing performance degradation. The method is to loosen the travel button and remove the gland to remove the air intake and supplementary air filters, and use a brush to brush away the garbage outside. Then use compressed air to blow clean from the inside out. If any damage is found, it must be replaced.

   10. The oil and gas separation net is cleaned once a year. The method is to loosen the front and rear covers, take out the filter, wash and blow dry.

  11. The cooling pipe cleans up rubbish once every six months. The method is to remove the pre-part cover plate to remove most of the garbage, and then use compressed air to remove the remaining garbage.

   12. The elastic ring of the pin coupling should be inspected at least once every six months, and it must be replaced if it is damaged. The method is to remove the circlip after removing the motor, and then the rubber ring can be replaced.

   When assembling, there should be a gap of l~2mm between the two halves of the coupling. This can be seen in the square hole of the motor coupling frame. In any case, the two coupling halves should not be brought into contact.

   13. This pump should be disassembled and washed once every year it runs.

  In the process of disassembly, washing and assembly, pay attention to the following points:

  (L) Do not bump and scratch the machined surface, and do not bend or deform the rotor shaft and sliding plate.

  (2) During assembly, the inner and outer rings of the bearing are not allowed to be mismatched. The air cavity must be cleaned, dried with compressed air, and foreign objects must not be mixed in. The paper pad must be intact to avoid air leakage and the oil path must be unobstructed. The friction surfaces of the cylinder, rotor, sliding vane, unloading ring, bearing, etc. all need to be coated with compressor oil. The compressor oil should be filled between the two unloading rings and the cylinder and the two oil inlet pipes. The unloading ring should rotate flexibly, and the sliding plate should be tight and tight in the groove. If a new sliding plate is replaced, its periphery must be blunt.

  (3) After the final assembly, it must be noted that there should be a gap of 1-2mm between the two halves of the coupling.

  (4) The injected compressor oil must be filtered.

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