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Features of self-priming chemical centrifugal pump

07 Jan 2022Email

     ZH self-priming chemical centrifugal pump is a single-stage single-suction self-priming chemical centrifugal pump developed and produced in combination with similar products at home and abroad. The pump is suitable for conveying temperature of 0℃~150℃ and containing solid particles less than 3 mm. Corrosive medium.

Chemical centrifugal pump

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  The performance range of the pump: the flow rate is 1.6~400m3/h, the head is 5~125m, and the suction height is within 5 meters.

  According to the different conveyed media, the material of the liquid-contacting part of the ZH-type self-priming chemical centrifugal pump can be made of castings, cast steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 316, 316L and other materials.

 1. Description of pump model meaning


  Z——Self-priming pump code

  H-chemical centrifugal pump code

  50-pump suction port diameter (mm)

  32-pump outlet diameter (mm)

  160——Nominal diameter of pump impeller (mm)

  A——The order of cutting impeller diameter, expressed as A, B, C

 2, structure description

  ZH self-priming chemical centrifugal pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, pump cover, shaft, bracket, mechanical seal, shaft sleeve and other parts. The pump has good self-priming effect, and truly realizes "one drainage, self-priming for life". The ZH type self-priming chemical centrifugal pump is equipped with a thickened high-rigidity pump shaft and three imported bearings, which has a stable operation and no noise. It is equipped with a built-in combined mechanical seal and a water cooling device, which greatly improves the service life.

   The direction of rotation of the water pump: it rotates counterclockwise from the suction end.

 3. Pump installation

1. Whether the installation of the pump is reasonable or not has a great impact on the normal operation and service life of the pump, so it must be carefully calibrated before installation, and must not be sloppy. For the appearance and installation dimensions of the pump, please refer to the ZH self-priming chemical industry. Centrifugal pump size drawing and table.

  2. The suction and discharge pipelines of the pump must be provided with additional brackets, and the pump must not be used as a support.

   3. The installation location should be convenient for roving inspection and maintenance.

   4. The inlet and outlet pipelines must be equipped with valves for maintenance purposes.

   5. According to the order of installation:

  A. Place the unit on the foundation with anchor bolts, use a level to correct the unit, and tighten the anchor nuts.

  B. Fill the bottom seat and anchor bolt holes with concrete. After the concrete is dry, check the level of the pump shaft again.

c. Connect the inlet and outlet pipes, check the coaxiality of the coupling again, and measure the difference between the upper, lower, left and right of the outer circle of the coupling not to exceed 0.1mm, and the gap between the end faces of the two couplings must not exceed within one rotation 0.3mm.

  D, connect and turn on the cooling water.

  E. Jog the electric motor to ensure that the rotation of the electric motor is consistent with the prescribed rotation of the pump.

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