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Centrifugal Processing Oil Pump

Capacity: 6.25-500m³/h
Head: 6-30bar
Price: $2230-75000
Model: AY
Temperature: -45-420℃
Structure: Single stage/double stages
Power: 3-560kw
Speed: 2950r/min
NPSH: 2-6.5m
Efficiency: 30-79%
Voltage: 380V
Liquid Property: Petroleum and IPG without solid particles


AY centrifugal oil pump is designed as a reformed product on the basis of Y oil pump. It can be used in oil refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry. Adopted standard API610 to improve the whole pump body. Sizes of the bearing house 30,50,60 are changed into 45,55,70 to strengthen reliability.

Petroleum refinery, petrochemical industry, chemical industry 





Superior structure:
6 kinds structure to select
Monoblock cast for impeller
Cooling fin on the surface of the bearing

•  Strong reliability
•  High efficiency
•  Easy maintenance
•  Wide adaptability of pump parts



50 --------------- Inlet diameter: 50mm
AY --------------- Horizontal centrifugal oil pump
II ----------------- Flow components class 2 material
60 ---------------- Head 60m per stage
2 ----------------- Number of impellers
A ----------------- Impeller has been cut for the first time



ModelFlow Rate (m3/h)Head (m)Speed (r/min)Eff. (%)NPSHr (m)Shaft Power (kw)Motor Power (kw)Pump Weight
40AY 40×26.25802950312.74.47.5163
40AY 40×2A5.85702950312.73.65.5
40AY 40×2B5.4602950312.52.854
40AY 40×2C4.9502950312.52.173
50AY 6012.5702950422.95.677.5130
50AY 60A11.2532950392.94.15.5
50AY 60B9.9392950372.82.84
50AY 60×212.512029503721115210
50AY 60×2A1210529503629.515
50AY 60×2B11902950351.97.715
50AY 60×2C10762950351.7611170
65AY 6025602950563.17.311
65AY 60A22.5492950542.85.67.5
65AY 60B2037.52950522.53.95.5
65AY 10025110295047315.922190
65AY 100A23922950462.912.518.5
65AY 100B217329504439.515
65AY 100×2252052950482.829.145
65AY 100×2A231782950472.723.737310
65AY 100×2B221542950462.720.130
65AY 100×2C201302950452.615.722
80AY 6050602950623.213.218.5200
80AY 60A454929506139.915
80AY 60B403829506036.911
80AY 100501042950593.12437220
80AY 100A4585295056318.630
80AY 100B40762950542.915.322
80AY 100×2502002950573.647.875380
80AY 100×2A471752950553.540.755
80AY 100×2B431532950533.333.845
80AY 100×2C401252950513.326.737
100AY 6010063295072423.837220
100AY 60A90492950713.816.930
100AY 60B79382950673.512.218.5
100AY 1201001232950664.350.675320
100AY 120A93108295062444.175
100AY 120B85942950623.835.555
100AY 120C79752950593.627.537
100AY 120×21002402950614.5107.2160500
100AY 120×2A932052950604.386.6132500
100AY 120×2B861782950594.270.7110500
100AY 120×2C791502950584.155.775500
150AY 75180802950753.952.375290
150AY 75A160662950743.838.955290
150AY 75B145462950733.624.937290
150AY 1501801572950693.6111.6160600
150AY 150A1681372950683.392.2132600
150AY 150B1551162950673.273.1110600
150AY 150C140942950653.155.575550
150AY 150×21803002950673.6219.53151500
150AY 150×2A1672582950653.2180.52501500
150AY 150×2B1552222950623151.12201500
150AY 150×2C1401812950602.91151601500
200AY 75300752950795.577.6110275
200AY 75A260602950785.554.575275
200AY 75B225452950775.535.855275
200AY 1503001502950764.5161220620
200AY 150A2701372950754.2132185620
200AY 150B2431272950733.8115.1160620
200AY 150C2191122950723.592.8132620
200AY 150×23003002950745.5331.24501400
200AY 150×2A2872702950735.42894001400
200AY 150×2B2702392950725.22443551400
200AY 150×2C2471952950705187.42501400
250AY S 80500802950826.5132.8185450
250AY S 80A440622950816.591.7132450
250AY S 80B370442950806.555.490450
250AY S 1505001532950794.82643151500
250AY S 150A4721362950784.62242801500
250AY S 150B4441192950774.21872501500
250AY S 150C4009629507641381851500
250AY S 150×25003032950794.85226302500
250AY S 150×2A4722722950794.54335602500
250AY S 150×2B4442302950784.33574002500
250AY S 150×2C40019029507742693152500


Why Choose Us
Zoomlian Pump Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 and located in Changsha,Hunan Province, China. Our company has become one of the largest multistage pump manufacturers in mainland China and set up technical developing center, production center, sales and after-sales service center. We offers a portfolio of high quality industrial pumps which the main products are self balancing multistage pumps, multistage pumps, double suction split case pumps and chemical pumps.
High Quality
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What is your product range?

AWe mainly supply all multistage ring sectional pumps, split case pumps, end suction chemical pumps driven by electric or diesel engine for over 30 years. If you have other demands such as sewage pumps, submersible pumps as well as the pumps we listed on our website. We have serveral cooperative manufacturers who can provide such pumps.

Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

AWe are a manufacturer who is mainly focusing on multistage pumps engaged in mines, power plants and chemical plants and etc.

What information shall I provide you when I need your offer?

A1. Capacity and total head (working pressure)of the pump. 2.Liquid medium, medium temperature. 3.Electric motor: Voltage, Frequency. 4. More other specifications, the better.

Can the pumps be shipped by air if I need them urgently?

AYes, of course we can deliver them by air. But I have to remind you that the freight costs will be very expensive.

Do you sell other brands water pumps? And do you accept OEM?

ANo, we don’t sell other brands pumps, but you may send me your detailed specification requirement if our brand is ok for you. And we accept OEM.

The specification requirements of our pumps are different with what you give out,can you customize them as my data?

AYes, we can. Please send me your detailed specification requirement then we will choose the suitable pumps to quote you.
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