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Zoomlian Pump: Summary of sale director

21 Dec 2019Email us

Ten years of fragrant, ten years of precipitation, ten years of tempering. Changle Zoomlian Pump Sales Director Long Lele has a monologue after ten years in the industry.


Looking back, almost ten years into the industry
In the pump industry
Doing this position is not easy
Especially for a woman


Fortunately, I survived
Touching all the way, collagen on the face is gone
Unconsciously, it is covered with the marks of time


I don't want to talk about performance
All numbers, cold
And it's not a problem for me now


Want to say something else, warmer
Something in my heart.
A little bit broken
Xu is getting old


Let me say, talk about years, talk about ten years
Say it to you,
Tell you seriously
Say it to you who are not convinced.

Zoomlian Pump: Summary of sale director


At first, silly and sweet
What does the pump do?
Not pumping?
No, it's weak!
Read product catalogs crazy, read selection manuals


Here comes the customer!
So excited, so nervous
The customer is God, afraid of cold and hot
I feel restless when I'm not satisfied
I'm glad to say yes


Upon receiving a call from a customer
My kind and happy voice doesn't lose Miss Radio
Any feedback from customers is imperial to me
7X24 responds at any time, dare not neglect
I'm afraid the customers are a little bit unhappy ...

zoomlian pump


Later, the wings hardened
More and more
Customers are no longer God

Buy me things because i am professional
I can meet the needs, I can solve the problem
We are equal
Why are you yelling at me?


If you are unreasonable
Then I have a small temper too
If you dare to kill me again
Are you afraid that you have not been beaten by the society ...

zoomlian pump


right now……
Ten years of precipitation, growth and transformation
Wings stiff enough to give calluses
I found that the customer is still God
And, more importantly,
they are my friends
Trust my friends from all over the world


In this age of information explosion
In this era of Chinese New Year blessing text messages are too lazy to send
Every customer call
All stem from a trust
And trust, whether in the past, present or future
Are precious


I want to protect this trust
And my heart




Some people say that the best state of a woman is:
His eyes were full of stories, but his face was gone.


I think I'm still that stupid white sweet.
Although collagen is gone,
My heart is still there,
My blood is here too.

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