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A New Dealer Born: Zoomlian Pump Hand in Hand with NKD in Vietnam Market

11 Nov 2019Email us

Shortly after VIIF2019, Zoomlian Pump has successfully enter the Vietnam industrial market. Zoomlian has signed with NKD Industrial & Automation Co.,LTD recently as its new agent in Vietnam, especially in mining industry.

Established in 2011, NKD was originally an industrial and automation limited company to integrate automation and industrial automation solutions.


NKD's new exhibit center in Vietnam

NKD's new exhibit center


Zoomlian has been focused on the mining dewatering since the self-balance multistage pump has invented and put into practice. The mining self-balance multistage pump has been a great help to underground drainage which a huge security guarantee in mining work.

Zoomlian has already work with more than 200 mining pits in China, especially coal mines. The pump is stable and explosion proof underground and has high pressure to handle the ore water to the ground. It can operate non-stop and none failure more than 8000 hours. 

At present, NKD has join one of the crucial partners list in Zoomlian and the company believe they will have more close cooperation in the future and help Vietnam companies use good price with superior quality equipment.



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