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2023 Changsha Zhonglian Pump Industry Co., Ltd. annual summary meeting and award ceremony successfully held!

23 Jan 2024Email us

         Changsha Zoomlian Pump Industry Co., Ltd. recently successfully held the 2023 annual summary meeting and award ceremony, which was a grand commendation for the outstanding performance of the company and the outstanding contributions of its employees in the past year.


The annual sales champion wins, Comrade Ren Zhong is proud of the group
          At this shining ceremony, the company awarded the annual sales champion award, and this glorious title honor belongs to Comrade Ren Zhong. In the past year, Comrade Ren Zhong has shown excellent sales skills and excellent performance, and has made great contributions to the company's steady occupation of the leading position in the market.


Women do not let men, Huang Gong won the pioneer award
          Huang Gong, Manager of the Southwest Regional Office, won the Pioneer Award for his outstanding leadership and pioneering spirit. She led the team to expand the territory in the southwest region, contributing to the expansion of the company's business, highlighting the indispensable role of women in the business.

Emerging talent, Chen Ling won the best new sales award
           Comrade Chen Lingyong from the Ministry of Foreign Trade showed outstanding sales talent in a short period of time and won the best sales newcomer award with outstanding performance. Her active efforts and keen market insight have injected fresh vitality into the company and laid a solid foundation for future development.


Other honors are crowned, adding to the company's success
          In addition to the above few brave comrades, there are many employees with excellent performance won various honors, such as the best team cooperation award, the best service award, etc., to witness the brilliant achievements of the company in the past year.

President's speech, looking forward to a bright future
          At the conclusion of the award ceremony, the president of the company delivered a warm speech, expressing warm congratulations to all the award-winning comrades and gratitude to all the employees for their hard work for the company. He said that the company will embrace the 2024 year full of opportunities with more enthusiasm and more solid steps.


Work together to create brilliant!
          Changsha Zoomlian Pump Industry Co., Ltd. in this annual summary meeting and award ceremony, fully demonstrated the company's strong cohesion and team spirit. The company will continue to work together with a pragmatic and innovative attitude, and constantly move to a new peak to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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