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What is the experience of two waves of customers visiting the factory at the same time and signing contracts at the same time?

10 Nov 2023Email us

        Although the company often has customers to visit and inspect, but the same salesperson customers come to visit the factory at the same time in two waves a day, and sign contracts one after another is quite rare, or how to say that the sales of Zoomlian pump industry are professional, so that customers know the root of our company and workshop, this strong connection has been established.


       The two waves of customers from Sichuan are the customers of Huang Gong, the manager of the southwest region, a team is to buy our independent research and development of double imported self-balancing multistage centrifugal pumps, at present we happen to have one is in a hurry, this time the customer is to inspect our production strength, feel whether our products really meet their needs. Because, this time the customer needs a multistage centrifugal pump with a flow rate of more than 1000m³/h and a head of more than 500m, and it is difficult for ordinary single-import multistage centrifugal pump to achieve this parameter and operate stably. When the customer visited the products we are producing, he had in-depth and professional exchanges with our technicians, and the doubts in his heart were dispelled one by one, and he said on the spot that after returning to Sichuan, he could go through the contract process.


        And the other team is to buy Multistage Chemical Pump, for lean amine liquid transportation, but also with our submerged pump, because we have a lot of successful cases in the lean liquid pump, the customer this time to see the strength and production capacity of our company, through this investigation, see that we have a lot of large flow and high lift centrifugal pumps have been produced, queued for delivery, no longer doubt our strength, the so-called see truth, when it is. Yesterday, the customer has signed the contract, and next, it will move on to the production process.


        The first cooperation is just the beginning, far from the end, intentions, with professionalism, good service to every customer, to provide them with high-quality goods, to solve production problems, is our goal, enterprise development has a long way to go, high-quality customers are valuable intangible assets, Zoomlian people will cherish, heavy.

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