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Zoomlian Pump 2021 product price increase notice

17 Mar 2021Email us

Zoomlian Pump 2021 product price increase notice

Due to the recent continuous increase in the price of raw materials for supporting equipment such as water pumps and motors, our company's operating costs have increased significantly, which has severely affected our company's normal business operations and is difficult to load for a long time. After careful consideration in many aspects, starting from 1st March 2021, Zoomlian Pump has adjusted the product list prices (including spare parts), and the product prices will be increased by 20% on the original basis. For contracts signed before February 25, 2021, the delivery date has expired. The customer's request for unpaid delivery shall be paid before March 1st. Payments made after March 1st will be executed at the adjusted price.

More information please contact our sales engineer.

You can send us email,our email address is info@zoomlian.com or directly call us via phone :0086-0731-88192011

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