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Steel Mill Project In IranMetallurgy

04 Sep 2018
Project Introduction
Most of Iran's steel mills were built in the 1990s, and the existing facilities are outdated and aging, need to be updated and renovated urgently.The project Sepid Dasht is continuous casting steel-making by electric furnace of NISC(National Iranian Steel Corporation), which has been provided with the special pump unit and technical support for the closed circulation, clean water system, turbid water system and waste water system by Zoomlian.
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Project Requirement

1.The requirements of NPSH
The site of Sepid Dasht project is located in 40 kilometers southeast of SHAHR-E-KORD , the capital city of CHAHARMAHAL province in western Iran, with a north latitude of 32°,10' east longitude of 51°, 10' and an altitude of 2,197 meters.
As the place is plateau area with low pressure, it will have to use low NPSH pumps to achieve suction requirement.

2.The requirements of energy saving
Steel mills always take large number of energy consumption and the power consumption of pumps accounts for a large proportion of the total power consumption. They prefer an energy-efficient pump on the selection.

Split case pump:
On the following design principles:
First, double suction structure.
Second, hydraulic model designed by ternary fluid analysis technology.
Third, using the low pulse impeller.
Split case pump equipped with low power motor can operate efficiently in a large capacity.

Self balancing multistage boiler feed pump:
On the following design principles:
First, symmetrically right and left impellers and the guide vane design.
Second, the suitable fit clearance and wide axial throttling design.
Self balancing multistage boiler pump does not have axial movement when starting and stopping it. It reduces attrition and increases efficiency.

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With high responsibility, engineers from ZB are make their whole effort to our project. Not only they made designed solutions for us, but training afterwards is quite helpful.

Optional Product
Multistage Boiler Feed Pump & Cooling Unit (Self-balance)
  • Capacity:6.3-1100m³/h
  • Head:7.5-167bar
  • Price:$2200-46900
Split Case Pump
  • Capacity:60-33005m³/h
  • Head:0.95-30.2bar
  • Price:$2200-215000
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