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Pulp and Paper Factory in ShandongLight Industry

20 Jun 2019
Project Introduction
Shandong Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise group focusing on pulp and paper.  Various types of pumps must be used during paper production, such as single stage centrifugal pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps as well as Metering pumps and etc.  The papermaking process is as follows: Bleaching pulp-beating-pulching-forming-dehydration-drying-rolling paper The bleached pulp is adjusted by the beater, and is mixed into a thin pulp by a ...
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Project Requirement

1. Regarding pump material:

Since various additives have a certain degree of corrosiveness, the choice of materials is generally corrosion resistant, but it is necessary to select different materials according to different solutions, such as stainless steel, fluoroplastics, and etc.


2. Regarding pump structure:

Some parts require clean water with no impurities and temperature <80 degrees Celsius; some parts need to transport normal temperature liquid containing pulp impurities; others are additives that need to transport corrosive additives.

So it has to choose relative pumps such as single suction, single stage pump, or single stage, double suction pump, or screw pump.


3.Regarding shaft sealing:

For corrosive liquid, it has to be the mechanical seal, otherwise, it could be dangerous.

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Optional Product
Single Stage End Suction Chemical Pump
  • Capacity:5.5~400m³/h
  • Head:0.42-12.5bar
  • Price:$560-9800
Multistage Boiler Feed Pump & Cooling Unit (Self-balance)
  • Capacity:6.3-1100m³/h
  • Head:7.5-167bar
  • Price:$2200-46900
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