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Wiring diagram of one fire pump with one spare

12 Jun 2021Email

Fire pump: refers to a special fire pump or an ordinary clean water pump that meets the national standard "Fire Pump Performance Requirements and Test Methods" GB6245. The fire-fighting water provided by most fire-fighting water sources needs to be pressurized by fire-fighting pumps to meet the requirements for water pressure and water volume during fire-fighting. It is mainly used to provide fire-fighting water with a certain pressure to the fire-fighting pipe network in buildings and other buildings.

Under normal circumstances, the fire protection system of high-rise buildings generally installs two fire-fighting water pumps and two sprinkler pumps, with one working and one standby automatic switching control system. One or more fire-fighting pumps will also be centrally set up to provide fire-fighting water to the fire-fighting pipe network in multiple buildings in the area. In addition, fire pumps usually have multiple starting sources, that is, there are multiple starting methods. For example, use the fire hydrant as the pump start source, use the start button on the fire hydrant to manually start; use the wet valve group in the fire pipe network as the pump start source, use the pressure switch of the wet valve group to automatically start, and so on. Choose the spare pump arbitrarily, only one pump will work when starting, and the other will automatically switch when one is overloaded.

Fire pump start control:

According to the requirements of "Building Regulations" and "Code for Fire Protection Design of High-Rise Civil Buildings", start directly at the indoor fire hydrant box. According to the requirements of "Automatic Alarm Code", it is controlled at the fire control room. Control near the fire hydrant pump in the water pump room.

The wiring diagram of one fire pump is used and one is prepared as an example:

The wiring diagram of one fire pump is used and one

The wiring diagram of the fire-fighting water pump is as an example:

The wiring diagram of the fire-fighting water pump

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