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Pay attention to maintenance matters during operation of boiler hot water circulating pump motor

06 Feb 2021Email

In order to ensure the long-term stable and reliable operation of the boiler hot water circulating pump motor, in addition to the quality of the motor itself, it is also necessary to pay attention to maintenance. When the boiler hot water circulating pump motor is running, pay attention to the maintenance items as follows:

   (1) Ensure water quality. Water pollution is increased by 4 times, and the life of winding wires is reduced by 10%. Therefore, ensuring water quality is of great significance to extending the life of the wire. The specific measures are as follows

  ①For power stations with boiler water salinization, chemical analysis of boiler water should be performed regularly and supervision should be strengthened

  ②Reduce the generation of magnetic particles in the furnace and prevent them from entering the motor. When the boiler hot water circulating pump is in standby, the dirt in the pump is concentrated in the collection chamber at the bottom of the main impeller. G dirt is FeO4 produced by the boiler, which is inevitable). The collection chamber is connected to the outside, and the rust is often opened to drain the dirt. This is very important, otherwise rust will enter the motor, which will wear out the bearings and cause the motor to swing. Pay attention to keeping the unit clean and check it regularly. Especially for new boilers, welding materials cannot be eliminated at all, and dirt will inevitably be generated, sometimes as high as several kilograms of dirt during trial operation. The scheme shown in Figure 1 can be used to discharge dirt.

Pay attention to maintenance matters during operation of boiler hot water circulating pump

  ③When the pressure drop at the inlet and outlet of the filter increases, replace the filter element in time. On the one hand, it ensures the cooling water flow in the motor, and on the other hand prevents excessive impurities from entering the motor. When the filter is running, a blockage alarm occurs. When the bypass valve is opened, the water quality cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to add a set of filters. Sometimes due to misoperation, hot water will enter the motor. It is recommended to add a valve and ensure correct operation. The current motor structure mostly uses a built-in filter, that is, the filter is placed in the motor, which can meet the normal operating cycle

  ④After using the external cooler and pipes for many years, the inner wall will become thicker, which will affect the heat transfer, and the dirt will fall off and damage the motor, so it should be pickled regularly

   (2) The vacuum switch generates operating overvoltage during operation, which directly endangers the safe operation of the motor. Add zinc oxide arrester and RC resistance-capacitance absorption device to the vacuum switch and motor to better solve the problem of vacuum switch operation overvoltage.

   (3) Strengthen the cooling water flow control and monitoring, and the external filter should ensure the tightness of the net door to ensure that hot water does not enter the motor.

  (4) When the pump is not running, the temperature inside the pump end is still 350℃, and the motor temperature should not exceed 60℃. That is, the motor cooling system needs to ensure that the heat shield cooling water is supplied as usual at this time. At this time, the heat shield still has heat loss.

  (5) The bearing clearance should be checked regularly to ensure that it does not exceed the allowable value.

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