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Normal start-up, maintenance and shutdown of the feedwater deaerator pump

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1. Start-up of feed water deaerator pump

1. Start the thin oil station

1) Open the oil pump outlet door, start the oil pump, check that the oil pump is working normally, the outlet pressure of the oil pump should be greater than 0.15Pa, the pressure in front of the feedwater pump bearing is 0.08-0.15MPa, the oil temperature is above 30℃, and the return oil flow and oil level of each bearing are normal

multistage pump

2) Test another oil pump and put it into interlock when it is normal.

3) Put in heating or cooling device according to oil temperature to maintain oil temperature at 35-45℃

2. Start the deaerator feed water pump

1) Start the feedwater deaerator pump, adjust the recirculation door, and maintain the pressure of the feedwater pump between 14-15Pa. (Attention should be paid to the rotation of the motor during the initial startup and after the motor is overhauled.)

2) Check the motor current, outlet pressure, vibration, and sound should be normal

3) Check that the water pump rolls a small amount of water leakage, and there is no leakage of steam or smoke.

4) Open the outlet door of the feedwater pump

5) Close the recirculation door of the deaerator pump

6) Comprehensive inspection, put in the standby pump interlock, according to the motor wind temperature, put in the motor cooling water


2. Normal operation and maintenance of feed water deaerator pump

1. Feed water deaerator pump current ≤104.8A, temperature rise <65℃

2. The inlet pressure of the feedwater pump is 0.55-0.65MPa, the water temperature is 158.2℃, the outlet pressure of the deaerator pump is 14-15MPa, and the pressure of the feedwater main pipe is 13-14MPa.

3. The pressure of the balance pipe is not higher than the inlet pressure of 0.01-0.02MPa

4. Bearing vibration is less than 0.05m

5. The lubricating oil pressure is 5Pa, the oil temperature is 35-45℃, and the oil quality is good.

6. The inlet air temperature of the motor is 25-35°C, the highest is not more than 40°C, and the outlet air temperature is <65

7. The bearing temperature of pump and motor should not exceed 70℃

8. On the 5th day of each month, reverse the feed water deaerator pump

9. Rotate the backrest wheel of the standby feedwater pump every week. Before turning, the interlock of the feedwater pump should be released, and the turning is finished.

10. Regularly check that the standby pump is in a good standby state


3. Switching during the operation of the feedwater deaerator pump

1. Report to the squad leader, and the report leader measures the insulation of the spare pump motor

2. Check that the standby pump meets the starting conditions,

3. Contact the operation of the boiler and start the standby pump. After its current and outlet pressure are normal, stop the operation pump, check that the pump current and outlet pressure should be zero, and close the water outlet electric door in linkage

4. If it is found that the deactivated pump is reversed, (after deactivation, the outlet of the pump has pressure, the outlet pressure of the running pump is low, and the pressure of the water supply pipe is reduced), the pump outlet electric door and recirculation door should be closed immediately, but it is prohibited to close the inlet door

5. Record the operation of the inverted pump in the log


4. Outage of feed water deaerator pump

1. Release the interlock of the feed water deaerator pump

2. Slightly open the water supply in the circulation door

3. Close the outlet door of the deaerator pump

4. Stop the operation of the feed water deaerator pump

5. After the pump unit is stopped, the oil pump should continue to supply oil for half an hour before it can be stopped (if it is a hot standby, it does not need to be stopped

6. Disable the motor air cooler

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