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Multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump installation pictures

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Multi-stage diesel engine pump is a multi-stage pump unit powered by a diesel engine. It has the advantages of use, movement, easy installation, minimal maintenance, and stable performance. There are many precautions for the installation of multi-stage diesel water pump units. A little carelessness will not only affect the service life of the unit, but even have safety hazards. Therefore, you must know the following installation precautions.

diesel engine pump

Multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump

1. Installation basis of multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump set

The equipment is shipped with rigid steel frame skid-mounted diesel engine, water pump, control box, etc. Therefore, when installing the diesel engine pump set equipment, you only need to fix it with anchor bolts on the reserved holes provided by the equipment installation, put an adjustment pad between the steel frame and the foundation, and adjust the equipment to the level before performing secondary grouting. , The installation of the equipment is completed.

Foundation: The qualified foundation is a piece of independent reinforced concrete to install the unit, the strength reaches C20, and the periphery is more than 200mm larger than the equipment steel frame. The foundation provides a rigid support to prevent swing, vibration and displacement. The thickness of the foundation can be determined according to different models, but the area cannot be smaller than the unit chassis (considering the dynamic load of the unit, the mass of the foundation should be more than twice the weight of the unit, And make sure that there is a substantial backfill of sand, gravel and steel under the concrete). If the unit is to be installed in a building higher than the ground level, its building structure must be able to withstand the dynamic weight of the unit, calculate whether the operating frequency of its equipment will resonate with the building, and the weight of the fuel and accessories reserved, etc.

The building must comply with local building codes. If the floor is often wet, the foundation must be higher than the floor or be designed with drainage ditches. Only in this way can the unit be provided with an isolated and humid installation environment, which not only facilitates repair and maintenance, but also minimizes the corrosion of the metal chassis.


2. Installation procedures for multi-stage diesel engine and diesel water pump unit equipment

1) Before the equipment of the diesel engine water pump unit is put in place, it must be put in place, adjusted and leveled, so that the unit is installed neatly and beautifully. Mark the edge line and elevation line of the equipment on the basic platform, and delineate the installation datum line, axis, plane geometric dimensions and elevation within the deviation range of ±10mm;

2) The foundation should fully meet the vibration requirements and be strong enough to prevent the unit from being twisted or misplaced;

3). When casting the foundation, there should be no interruption between 150~460mm before the completion of the entire height. The surface of the foundation should be scratched and slotted before the concrete is solidified to ensure the surface adhesion of the grouting layer and the footing in the concrete. The bolts should be placed according to the length shown in (Figure 1). The length of the bolts should be sufficient for the grouting to pass through the base, and the nuts and washers should be tightened. Before setting up the base to adjust the horn and grouting the foundation, it is necessary to reserve a few days for concrete maintenance. The secondary grouting strength of the reserved holes should be higher than the foundation level 1, using non-shrinkage concrete


3. Installation of multi-stage diesel engine and diesel pump set equipment in place

1) Place the diesel engine pump on the concrete foundation, with bolts passing through the holes in the base;

2) After placing and removing the support under the base, recheck the level or verticality of the pump flange (the base does not need to be leveled);

3) Before connecting the pipeline to the pump, it should be confirmed whether the grouting is completely dry (72 hours is one of the conditions for the grouting to be considered dry);

4) Check the concentricity of the pump and the engine after tightening the nuts of the anchor bolts.


4. Multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump irrigation process

Grouting is an operation to fill the gap between the concrete foundation and the installation of equipment, which can evenly load the weight of the equipment and prevent loosening. After leveling the equipment, grouting correctly according to the following method (see Figure 1).

Multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump installation pictures

1) A firm grouting part is formed around the scratched and grooved concrete foundation.

2) Fill the concrete foundation completely with grouting, and try to get rid of the internal air when necessary.

3) After confirming that the grouting is dry, check whether the anchor bolts are loose, and tighten the nuts to check.

4) After tightening the nut, check the concentricity of the unit.

5) Brush the primer after grouting for 14 days or completely dry to prevent air and water vapor from entering.


5. Multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump alignment inspection

1) The coaxiality of the engine and the water pump has been calibrated before the equipment leaves the factory. The coaxiality deviation may occur during transportation, and the coaxiality must be re-checked during the final installation.

2) If the equipment is running out of alignment, vibration will occur, leading to early wear of bearings, bushings, and sealing rings, and serious equipment accidents such as water pump shaft breakage and engine shaft breakage.


6. Installation of multi-stage diesel engine water pump unit

1), check the multi-stage pump and engine, there should be no traces of damage to the surface;

2) The concrete foundation should be firm and the surface should be smooth and even;

3) Insert the anchor bolts into the screw holes on the base, put the equipment on the foundation, measure the level or verticality on the inlet and outlet flange end faces with a level, install adjustment pads on the equipment steel support and foundation near the anchor bolts iron;

4) After the equipment is adjusted horizontally and vertically, grouting the foundation anchor bolt holes, tighten the anchor bolts evenly after being firm, and re-adjust the level, and then grouting the foundation as a whole;

5) Correct the concentricity of the shaft of the engine and the water pump, and the concentricity should be within the range specified in the installation drawing.

6). Do not use the pump body as a pipe support point. The pipe should be provided with a reliable support structure close to the equipment.

7) Keep a gap of 4 to 5 mm between the foundation and the base. Use the adjusting screw to accurately adjust the unit and center it at the coupling.

8) The pipeline installation procedure is operated according to the technological procedure:

8.1) Install the inlet pipe first and then the outlet pipe, and the unit is leveled and fixed on the foundation.

8.2) According to the design direction and configuration requirements, the reducer, elbow, and soft joint welding assembly on the inlet and outlet pipes should be carried out to remove dirt, stud fasteners and make supporting brackets to secure them.

8.3). Weld and fabricate the pipe frame section by section according to the pipeline configuration and actual measured geometric dimensions. When the butt section of the header is first connected, then the actual object is assembled. When connecting, the soft connection is oriented in place with a screw, and it will not be tightened temporarily. After the pipe is cleaned and the pipe frame is firmly fixed, the connection and tightening can be performed. When tightening, the equipment must not move.


7. Multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump set inlet and outlet pipelines

1) The pipe flanges and pipe installation quality on both sides of the inlet and outlet flanges of the pump are the key to ensure the normal use of the equipment! Please refer to the following steps for construction:

1.1) In the free state, fix the pump flange and the pipe flange with bolts;

1.2), the pipeline is fixed by spot welding after correction with the pipeline flange in the free state;

1.3) Disassemble the fixing bolts of the pipe flange piece, weld the pipe and the flange piece, and minimize the deformation caused by the welding high temperature during the welding process;

1.4) Bolts are used for the corresponding pipe flanges on both sides of the inlet and outlet flanges of the pump. The bolts should be installed and unloaded or tightened in a stress-free and free state during the fixing process;

1.5). Check the connection quality of the corresponding pipe flanges on both sides of the inlet and outlet flanges of the pump. Re-check the concentricity of the pump and the engine to ensure that it is within the allowable accuracy range.

2) The length of the straight pipes of the inlet and outlet pipes is appropriately increased to reduce the hydraulic loss caused by the use of variable-diameter elbows.

3) When installing pipes, avoid unnecessary bends as much as possible, especially 90° elbows.

4) The connection of the inlet and outlet pipes of the water pump should adopt a flexible connection method to avoid the huge stress caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the metal pipe, which causes the accuracy of the water pump to exceed the limit, and the maintenance, disassembly and assembly of the water pump and valve are difficult;

5). When the pipeline is connected to the reducing pipe, the inlet and water pipes should be installed with unilateral eccentric reducer, and the installation should be flat. The contraction pipe can use straight tapered pipes on the discharge pipe and the vertical pipe (see Figure 2). Should avoid the fluctuation of the liquid in the pipe, the wrong use of the liquid fluctuation and contraction will form an air chamber in the pipe and hinder the normal use of the pump.

6) The inlet pipe should be as short and straight as possible. The horizontal inlet pipe must be gradually raised to the pump inlet with a slight slope of 20/1000.

7) The outlet pipe should be equipped with a constant head/check valve or check valve + pressure holding valve + flow regulating valve. The constant head/check valve also has the functions of pressure holding valve, waterproof hammer, check valve, flow regulating valve, etc. .


8. Preparation for installation of multi-stage diesel engine water pump

1) Remove the covering and clean each opening thoroughly;

2) After more than 12 months and stored in the above method, the original grease applied in the bearing should be removed after installation, cleaned with kerosene, and re-applied with grease.


9), the installation position of the diesel pump of the multi-stage diesel engine

1) The pump should be installed as close to the water source as possible, and the shortest or most direct suction pipe should be used.

2) During installation, full consideration should be given to facilitating overhaul, and sufficient space and height should be reserved for the use of cranes and cranes sufficient to lift the unit.


10. Requirements for suction and discharge pipelines of multi-stage diesel engine diesel water pump sets

1). All pipelines connected to the pump should have independent and firm supports to eliminate and reduce the vibration of the pipeline and the load on the pump.

2) The diameter of the suction and discharge pipelines should not be smaller than the inlet and outlet diameters of the pump. The configuration pressure rating of the pipeline is ≥1.6MPa.

3) The inlet and outlet pipes should be equipped with flexible pipes (rubber soft joints with a pressure resistance of 2.5MPa) for vibration reduction, maintenance and installation methods, and the flexible joints on the outlet pipes should be of limited type. It is equipped with a check valve and a safety valve, and an automatic exhaust valve should be installed at the highest point of the pipe outlet.

4) The suction pipeline should be short and the elbow should be reduced. The suction inlet should not be higher than the inlet of the pump, with a slight slope of 5-20/1000.

5) When the diameter is reduced, the length of the reducing pipe should not be less than 5-7 times the difference between the large and small pipe diameters. The suction pipe adopts an eccentric, horizontal installation method. The length of the straight pipe of the suction pipe should not be less than 3D (1050/600). Effective remedial measures should be taken when the environmental limit cannot be met. The suction water source is clean, and if necessary, a filter valve or filter screen should be equipped.


11. Installation of multi-stage diesel engine diesel pump grounding signs

The pump set should be grounded at the grounding position of the frame to ensure the electrical safety of the equipment.

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